Good internet speed: Why upload makes all the difference
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Good internet speed: Why upload makes all the difference

What is a good upload speed? Exact numbers depend on your needs but for the best upload performance symmetrical fiber internet like Ting is your best bet.

When companies advertise their maximum internet speeds, not everyone realizes they’re referring to their download speeds. Often—especially with cable internet—the upload speed is considerably slower. (At Ting, our upload and download speeds are equally lightning-fast. But more on that later!) “What’s the big deal?” you might ask. “Isn’t download speed the one that counts?” Actually, a good upload speed is critical to fast internet and a healthy connection. Here’s why.

The importance of upload speed to fast internet

You may have heard the opinion that the majority of people need high download speeds and that upload speeds aren’t as important. At Ting, we tend to disagree. The idea that upload speed is only important for a small fraction of “power users” is inaccurate. In the early days of the internet, this may have held true, as most of us were almost exclusively downloading data—first simply browsing and then consuming media as well. However, the internet has of course evolved. 

Communications like video chat require considerable uploading. Working remotely, sharing creative exploits and social media do as well. And don’t forget—now that so many apps, productivity tools and storage options exist in the cloud, uploading is something to consider there as well. Are you a gamer, or do you have one in the home? Then you’ll know slow upload speeds for an online gamer spell disaster.

So, in a word, yes— good upload speed is important. It’s important for gaming, fast cloud storage, photo sharing, communications and more. Basically, it’s important for pretty much everything we do online these days.

Check your upload speed

Let’s put your connection to the test. Just open this speed test and hit “Go.” First, you’ll get a download speed, followed by an upload speed. In most cases, even with so-called “fast internet,” those speeds probably have a pretty big gap. You’ll also notice ping, which measures how long it takes your computer to send and receive a small data packet, and jitter, which measures how much your ping varies. 

Now that you know a slow upload speed is no bueno, what’s the solution? A symmetrical download/upload internet connection, of course.

Good upload speed with a symmetrical internet connection

As we’ve established, upload speed is extremely important. Adding files to Google Drive, syncing your photos to iCloud, emailing, messaging and video chatting all rely on uploads. With fast downloads but sluggish uploads, you may receive that work file or cloud-based application project quickly, but your efficiency will suffer greatly when it’s time to send anything.


Ting offers symmetrical gigabit internet. That means your downloads and uploads have a maximum speed of 1,000 Mbps. The results? Buffer-free HD (yes, even 4K) video streaming no matter how many people are online; smooth, crystal-clear video calls (especially when your friends have internet as amazing as yours); no-lag, low-ping gaming to help keep that unbeaten streak; and file uploads (even large ones) in seconds.

Get symmetrical gigabit internet with Ting

Upgrade to Ting’s fiber internet and enjoy consistent download and upload speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps. Fiber is also more reliable and less susceptible to interference than cable. Thanks to our type of connection that goes straight to your home, your speeds won’t be slowed down by the use of copper cable to connect to the main fiber-optic cabling. Ready to upgrade to future-proof fast internet? See if Ting is available in your neighborhood!

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