Hometown Heroes: Q&A with Kojak Graphic Communications Inc. in Westminster, MD
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Hometown Heroes: Q&A with Kojak Graphic Communications Inc. in Westminster, MD

Read our Q&A with Kojak Graphic Communications Inc. to find out what their experience has been like since switching to Ting Business Fiber.

While residential Ting Internet provides homes with an incredibly powerful internet connection, we know that entrepreneurs committed to growing their businesses need certain tools and extra support. That’s why we offer Business Fiber Internet with features like static IPs, 24/7 customer support and uptime/bandwidth availability guarantees.1

Small businesses are the backbone of towns and cities throughout the nation. It’s been amazing to hear some of the unique stories behind the incredible businesses we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know in each Ting town. That’s why we’re excited to share some of those stories and find out what their experience has been like since switching to Ting Business Fiber!

Customer since: 2018
Co-owner: Tony Chiavacci

Tell us a bit about the history of your business.

After leaving the military in 1992, I worked at a firm in Severna Park where I eventually became the VP. I left in 2007 and started Kojak Graphic Communications. After working out of the basement for the first year, I moved the company to Court Street. We now have 17 employees, half of whom are in the office while the other half are client managers. Offering full direct mail, print, promotional product and apparel services, we are a branding company that helps customers with tangible items.

What makes Westminster a great place to start a business in?

For me, it’s the fact I grew up and lived here.

How did you hear about Ting?

On the city council. (Ed. note: Mr. Chiavacci is also a city councilman.)

What was your internet experience like before you had Ting?

It was expensive, not as reliable as we needed it to be, plagued with inconsistent speed, and we were constantly battling rate hikes. We tried DSL and that experience was even worse.

How has your experience been since making the switch to Ting?

Every bit what we were hoping for and more! Always on. I don’t know that we’ve had a loss of service—maybe one or two times? Any limitations are due to our equipment, not yours.

“You can’t possibly imagine how much better Ting is until you give it a shot.”

Why is it important for your business to have fast and reliable internet service?

It supports our phone systems and higher voice quality. It’s also important for our ability to upload files; graphic designers need a lot of bandwidth.

Have you ever had to call our customer service?

Once. I don’t remember why. My experience was fantastic. Someone answered immediately—exactly the opposite of Comcast.

How has Ting been as a community partner?

Ting is a great partner. They’re good about being visible, helping with local events and supporting downtown activities. They’ve become a good resource by bringing their business here and providing great service.

What would you say to a business who is hesitant to switch to a local provider like Ting?

Ting may be a local provider, but thanks to the reliability and consistency of speed, it has the same capabilities of national and international service providers. You can’t possibly imagine how much better it is until you give it a shot.

Anything else you’d like to say?

If you want this service, move your business into the city of Westminster. It’s not available anywhere else in Maryland; in Westminster, you’ll have access to Ting as well as other resources.

This is just one of many stories we hear from our customers about how Ting Internet has made their business more competitive, efficient and easy to manage. Ready to supercharge your business? Get started today!

1. Uptime and bandwidth availability guarantees available with Enterprise Fiber package only.

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