Best Internet for gaming? Fiber Internet gives gamers the online edge
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Best Internet for gaming? Fiber Internet gives gamers the online edge

Looking for the best Internet for gaming? Fiber Internet gives you an edge. Ting crazy fast fiber Internet lets you game with low ping and no lag.

Lag. It's not just a handy excuse when your squad just can't seem to pull it together. It's the scourge of every gamer. Well, every gamer that doesn't have a dedicated fiber Internet connection.

The fastest, most reliable, lowest latency Internet connection can mean the difference between owning and being owned online. What is the best Internet for gaming? It's a true symmetrical gigabit fiber connection. That's handy, because that's exactly what we here at Ting offer. Fiber Internet is the fastest, lowest latency Internet connection available today bar none. That's why we call it crazy fast fiber Internet.

Whether you're a console or PC gamer, whether you're showing off your skills while streaming on Twitch or just having a bit of fun fragging folks online, true fiber-to-the-home Internet is a level up.

What’s Ting Internet?

Ting Internet is true fiber to the premises. Each Ting home (or business) has its own fiber connection. Where old copper networks rely on load balancing and traffic prioritization, fiber has capacity to spare.

Fiber Internet is digital all the way down, unlike most home connections that use old cable TV or phone line copper. Fiber is made for the transmission of digital information where copper has to translate digital info into electrical signals and back again. What’s more, fiber isn’t prone to signal degradation over long distances. Ting gigabit fiber is more reliable than the Internet you’re used to. Gamers on Ting report faster responsivity for a smooth, lag-free experience.

See if Ting’s made it to your neighborhood yet.

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What’s a good Internet speed for gaming?

Upload and download speeds are equally important for gaming. Upload speed refers to the speed at which you’re sending data out, and download speed refers to the speed at which you’re pulling data in. Both upload and download speed can impact your gaming experience, which is why symmetrical speed is important.

At Ting, we offer symmetrical gigabit Internet. That means you get 1,000 Mbps upload and download when you’re on a wired connection. The best Internet speed for gaming prioritizes upload and download equally. A lop-sided connection with a high download speed, but a slow upload speed, means you can’t send data out quickly and be reactive in real time.

Is a wired connection better for gaming?

In short, yes. You’re always going to get faster speeds on a wired connection compared to a Wi-Fi connection. That being said, backed by a gigabit connection, you’re going to see pretty incredible speeds over Wi-Fi.

802.11ac technology will get you the fastest Wi-Fi possible (at the time of writing this article), up to 100-400 Mbps. Our Ting Internet router features 802.11ac, so you get the best speed possible, even over Wi-Fi.

Remember that Wi-Fi is still subject to physical barriers and the environment it's in. Like walls, for instance. That’s why we always recommend a wired-in connection for the absolute best gaming experience.

Can Ting improve my ping?

You’re going to get low ping on a Ting fiber Internet connection. Ping is measured by milliseconds and tells you how fast your connection responds when you send a request. The lower the ping, the better your response time.

Low ping is crucial for gaming because it gets you that extra millisecond up on the competition. Gigabit is the fastest Internet available today, and you’re going to have a fast response when you send a request to a server. Remember, for the lowest ping possible, use a wired connection wherever possible.

Get Ting Internet for gaming

There’s only one choice for gamers when it comes to Internet: go with gigabit fiber. Ting gigabit fiber Internet is crazy fast and really reliable. With less downtime, no lag, low ping and symmetrical speed, you’re going to love how smooth and responsive gaming can be.

See if Ting’s made it to your neighborhood yet.

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