The best podcasts for entrepreneurs

Here are a few of the best podcasts we've found that provide value to those with an entrepreneurial mindset. Podcasts are a great tool for entrepreneurs...

best podcasts

Looking for the best podcasts for startups?

Preparation and planning are key ingredients for a successful startup. There’s also sheer luck, but unfortunately, there's no way to cultivate that. Podcasts are a great tool for entrepreneurs. They provide an opportunity to learn quickly while multitasking. They’re typically light and digestible rather than heavy and academic. With markets more dynamic than ever, learning has to remain a top priority for budding entrepreneurs. Here are a few of the best podcasts that could provide value to those with an entrepreneurial mindset.

This Week in Startups

This Week in Startups by Jason Calacanis is a great start. It’s an interview-based podcast that books some intriguing guests. Calacanis interviews entrepreneurs that have achieved massive success and gets them to share advice and tips to those looking at start up their own businesses. Discover lessons learned on the path to success. Successful entrepreneurs have often faced the same hurdles as many new entrepreneurs and have picked up some shareable lessons along the way. This podcast is available on iTunes and Google Play.


best podcastsThe StartUp podcast is the startup podcast that launched a thousand startup podcasts. Host Alex Blumberg, CEO of Gimlet Media, shares his experience and findings from his own successful businesses. It’s an honest overview of how to tackle various startup elements, from investor pitches, naming a company, and now even has shows that follow entrepreneurs as they pitch to investors. Available on iTunes and Google Play.

The Twenty Minute VC

If your startup will require investor capital, this is the podcast for you. The Twenty Minute VC’s host, Harry Stebbings, focuses on interviewing inspirational venture capitalists who discuss how they became successful VCs as well as methods of getting your own business funded. A major pro is that these podcasts are short and concise. No beating around the bush, just straight to the point and all in twenty minutes. This podcast is available on iTunes.

The Action Catalyst

For those with great ideas but face difficulty putting them into action, this is the podcast for you. Rory Vaden’s The Action Catalyst is a great place to start when you want to build an idea out to fruition. Vaden aims to help individuals achieve their goals through overcoming procrastination and instilling self-discipline. The Action Catalyst may be that push you finally needed to begin your startup journey. Thankfully, it’s available on iTunes and Google Play.

Work in Progress

Work in Progress is a great podcast for those looking for insights into the trials and regular going-ons of a business. Two CEOs, Jason Fried, founder and CEO of Basecamp, and Nathan Kontny, CEO of Highrise, share the details of what they are going through with their respective businesses. For aspiring entrepreneurs, this might offer a more realistic look at the business world. This podcast also helps to temper the idealist notions that entrepreneurialism is windfalls of money and being your own boss. The struggles of the CEOs are discussed and provide valuable insights into the world of business ownership. This podcast is available on iTunes. These are just a few of the best podcasts we've come across for entrepreneurs. There are many more inspiring podcasts out there. What are some of your favorites?

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