Black Friday tech deals: Upgrade your internet technology suite
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Black Friday tech deals: Upgrade your internet technology suite

Black Friday tech deals are a staple of holiday shopping, and this year many technology brands are offering items that can boost your home's capabilities.

The holiday season is right around the corner, and that means Black Friday and Cyber Monday are swiftly approaching. These two days have become pseudo-holidays for shoppers looking for great deals on gifts for themselves and others, and each year more and more savvy shoppers are taking part. In 2020 alone, $10.8 billion was spent on Cyber Monday, a 15% increase from the year before.

Technology is a major driver for these huge numbers. Black Friday tech deals and Cyber Monday specials are always a draw, and this year many technology brands will be offering products designed to help your family's home run optimally when paired with a strong internet connection.

Here are some tech gadgets you should keep an eye on as holiday sales begin popping up online.

Internet routers

Upgrading your internet router allows you and your family to utilize all of your devices without sacrificing speed, which means your home or condo can become a multimedia powerhouse. Ting Internet routers deliver speeds of up to 1.7 gigabits (Gbps) over 5 GHz and 600 Megabits (Mbps) over 2.4 GHz, which pair perfectly with Ting's fiber internet service. You can buy a Ting router for $199 or rent one for $9 per month.

Smart TVs

If you plan on upgrading from cable to streaming TV, having a television that can handle all of the apps, internet and streaming services is key. The best smart TVs generally offer 4K resolution, come with a host of streaming apps and can integrate smoothly with your home internet. For example, the Samsung QN90A comes in a variety of sizes, offers easy access to apps like Netflix and YouTube and connects to your home internet in a snap. TVs are always a huge component of Black Friday internet deals, so keep your eyes open for the brand you like best.

Next-gen gaming

Gaming systems are a popular holiday gift, and the rush is on for many people to get their hands on the new Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5 or Nintendo Switch. These high-powered systems require a strong internet connection to download large files and play graphics-heavy games without lag. Expect to see plenty of games, such as the upcoming NBA 2K22, among the Cyber Monday tech deals as well.

Wi-Fi extenders

If you have a large home or an older one with thick walls, a Wi-Fi extender is a must-have for your family of internet users. Ting's Wi-Fi range extender ensures that your home won't have weak signals or dead spots by boosting Wi-Fi throughout your home via a network of access points. The extender can increase the signal in your home by approximately 800-1,000 square feet. The Ting Wi-Fi range extender is available for $99.

Smart displays

Home assistants are a great way to accomplish a multitude of tasks using one device. Products like Google's Nest Hub or Amazon's Echo Show 8 allow you to connect with friends and family via video calls, review your schedule for the day or use your voice to turn on lights or music. These devices are generally priced around $100, but expect to see them on sale as part of Black Friday tech specials this year.

Video doorbells

Security is paramount to homeowners, and one of the biggest leaps in household tech can come in the form of smart security and video doorbells. These devices, such as the Ring 1080p Wireless Peephole Cam, allow you to view anyone approaching your home. With strong internet backing up these systems, you can rest assured that they'll always be monitoring your abode, even if you are away. Many video doorbell providers offer cloud storage, motion sensors and alarm functions.

This holiday season, capitalize on the powerful fiber internet Ting offers by adding some tech gadgets that will make your home smart, fun and capable of anything your family can think of, from streaming to gaming to security.

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