Learn about powerful data protection with Ting’s free cybersecurity e-book
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Learn about powerful data protection with Ting’s free cybersecurity e-book

An antivirus program is only a piece of the puzzle. Discover important additional security measures that will better protect your sensitive online data.

When it comes to online activity, data security should always be considered. Antivirus programs and other security software provide some protection from viruses, malware and other threats. However, for the most effective protection, cybersecurity hardware (physical devices) should be part of your home network’s overall security solution. To help you decide what security hardware is right for you, we’ve created a free cybersecurity hardware e-book.

In this e-book, we outline the different types of cybersecurity hardware, their advantages, and which ones are likely to suit your needs and budget best. With increased reliance on the internet for work, study, shopping and even banking, ensuring our home networks are truly secure is more critical than ever. Get in the know with our free e-book—just enter your email below, and we’ll send it straight to your inbox!


Did you know that by choosing fiber internet, you’re already starting with a more secure connection? A fiber connection is considerably less susceptible to eavesdropping attacks than the copper connections used by cable internet providers. See if more secure, reliable, lightning-fast Ting Internet is available in your neighborhood.


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