Local Ting town Pride celebrations
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Local Ting town Pride celebrations

There are a number of events happening in Ting towns (including yours!).

We've been celebrating Pride Month and there are a number of events happening in Ting towns (including yours!). With so much going on, it can be tough to remember when exactly what celebrations are taking place. We’ve got your back—here are some key dates in Ting towns as well as links to full event listings. 


Cville will see a host of events throughout the month of June, including an LGBTQ & Allies Game Night on June 22 and Pride Night Happy Hour on June 30.

Full list of events

North Carolina

Capping off a month of events will be Raleigh PrideFest from June 22-26.

Full list of events


Westminster Pride Festival - July 9

Westminster Pride Festival will be held July 9 at the east end of Main Street (between Church and Court St). As a sponsor of the event, we’ll see you there!


Sandpoint Pride Festival - July 15-16

Sandpoint Pride Fest will be happening July 15-16 in the Granary Arts District at 513 Oak Street. Ting is a major sponsor of Pride Fest, so be sure to stop by and say hi if you see us!


As a fitting climax to Pride Month, PrideFest happens June 25-26 and includes a 5K charity run, the Pride Parade and celebrations all weekend long at Civic Center Park!

Full list of events


Culver City will be hosting both a Pride Ride and Pride Rally on June 26. The Pride Ride will begin at Syd Kronenthal Park at 9am and the Pride Rally will be hosted on Main Street at 11am.

Learn more: https://www.culvercitypride.org/

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