A need for speed: Is your slow internet connection holding you back?
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A need for speed: Is your slow internet connection holding you back?

Slow internet connection can be a real struggle. It's important to know what kind of internet speeds you require for the activities you enjoy online.

With so much of our daily lives taking place online, a slow internet connection can be a real struggle. Whether you're trying to stream the latest episode of your favorite TV show, download an important document for work, or join a video call with family or colleagues, a slow internet connection can make these tasks incredibly frustrating. It's important to know what kind of internet speeds you require for the activities you enjoy online. 

If you're not sure where to start, our speed test is a great tool to help you determine your current internet speed and whether it's fast enough for your needs. 

Signs of a slow internet connection

Poor video call quality

If you often have trouble hearing the other person, or if you're frozen a lot, your internet connection might be the problem.

Slow streaming

If your movie night is ruined by the dreaded buffering wheel, you have a slow internet connection. With Ting Internet, you can enjoy buffer-free streaming with symmetrical upload and download speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps.

Online gaming

When it comes to online gaming, lag (the delay between your input and a game or app responding) is the bane of any gamer’s existence. Interestingly, online gaming doesn't require a high sustained download or upload speed, but it is reliant on two attributes—ping and its close cousin jitter. With the reliability of fiber, you surely won't get bumped offline in the middle of that crucial campaign or intense multiplayer battle.

Now that you know what slow internet speeds look like, it’s time to put your internet to the test. Take our internet speed test and find out if your connection can keep up. 

Check your internet speed

Our speed test measures your internet's ping (how quickly a data signal travels from one device to another one) as well as your download and upload speeds. Once you open the link, press “Go” to start the test, and the tool will do the rest! You can run the test as many times as you like to see if the speeds vary at different times of the day, depending on how many people in the area are downloading data at a particular time. Just make sure you are hard-wired as connections over Wi-Fi tend to be slower and less reliable and therefore won’t yield the most accurate results. 

To calculate your download speed, your computer will attempt to download a file from our test server. As the download completes, the speed of that task will be measured. With upload speed, the same thing happens in reverse: your computer will try to upload a file to the test server. 

Understanding your speed test results

Internet speed is measured in megabits per second (Mbps). When it comes to download speed, the higher the number is, the faster your internet speed should be as you stream and browse. 

The “correct” number will depend on your plan. If your ISP promises up to 40 Mbps and you're seeing numbers around 35 Mbps consistently, that's within a good range. But if your ISP promises 100 Mbps and you're getting 35 Mbps, you might want to contact your ISP to see what's going on.

Finally, the lower your ping number on these results, the better. Lower ping means less lag, giving you a better video call and gaming experience.

Ting Internet's 1,000 Mbps plan 

Our plans are designed to handle 20+ devices seamlessly, even when your entire family uses the internet at the same time. Ting fiber internet offers a great online gaming experience, smooth streaming and improved business operations with lightning-fast speeds and stability that won't let you down. Check your address and find out if Ting is available in your area.

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