The Ultimate Moving Checklist
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The Ultimate Moving Checklist

Read on to discover our two-month moving checklist and help make your next move a success.

We all know that moving homes is a considerable undertaking that consists of much more than packing up and transporting your belongings on move day. However, it all becomes much more manageable when you have a set plan. Here’s our two-month moving checklist to help make your next move a success.

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8 weeks before

  • Contact moving companies: While it’s a bit more work, contacting a few well-reviewed/recommended companies to compare quotes can save you quite a bit of money. After you’ve made your choice, book your move date to avoid disappointment later on.
  • Acquire boxes, barrels, etc.: Another way to save is by asking around for boxes and other packing necessities or acquiring them from places like groceries. Purchase whatever you’re unable to get for free.
  • Sell, donate and dispose of unwanted belongings.
  • Separate important documents: Locate and carefully pack important documents like medical and vet records.
  • Book transport: Book flights or other tickets to your new home, if needed.


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4 weeks before

  • Pack nonessentials: These include seasonal items, clothing you won’t wear in the next month and decor.
  • Start clearing out storage areas: Tackle the garage, basement, attic, closets and storage unit.
  • Service your vehicle: Long drive to your new home? Have your car fully serviced!


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2 weeks before

  • Set up and cancel utilities: Open utility accounts for your new home and cancel service at your old one (effective after your move date).
  • Get Ting Internet: If it’s available in your new neighborhood, upgrade to or transfer your existing Ting service to ensure you have access on day one in your new home.
  • Start packing in earnest: It’s time to box up everyday belongings such as clothing, toys and tableware.
  • Set up mail forwarding: You’ve registered your address change in many places, but some mail is sure to go to your old address for a while. This ensures nothing important will be missed.


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1 week before

  • Confirm bookings: Confirm date and times with the moving company, airline/train and any other time-sensitive bookings.
  • Finish leftover food: The more you use, the less you'll have to bring along or throw away.
  • Final packing: Pick out a week's worth of essentials like clothing and tableware to last until moving day; box the rest.
  • Start cleaning: As you clear out rooms, vacuum and dust them as well.


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1 day before

  • Create your “moving day survival kit”: This includes things like a change of clothes, toiletries, clean towels and daily medications.
  • Get a good rest: Head to bed early in order to be well rested for the big day.


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Moving day

  • Get an early start: If you're doing a DIY move, pick up the moving truck and have your helpers arrive as early as possible.
  • Communicate with movers: Familiarize the movers with the area and items to be packed. Specify any concerns.
  • Do a final sweep of the house: Check closets and cabinets to ensure all belongings have been removed.
  • Pick up the keys to your new home: Head to your new home and start moving in!

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