Ting Internet lights up Greenwood Village, Colorado with lightning-fast fiber internet
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Ting Internet lights up Greenwood Village, Colorado with lightning-fast fiber internet

Ting has began lighting our first neighborhood in Greenwood Village, CO! Discover how we're bringing Greenwood Village into the future with 2 gigabit fiber internet and a commitment to community connectivity.

We're thrilled to share that our expansion into Greenwood Village, Colorado is officially lit and Ting is now providing lightning-fast fiber internet to the local community. This lighting marks an exciting milestone in Ting’s mission and shows our commitment to enhancing internet infrastructure in the Greater Denver region. 

Greenwood Village joins Centennial as the second town in the Greater Denver area to benefit from Ting Internet's fast and reliable 2 gigabit fiber internet service. Since our inaugural launch in Centennial back in 2018, Ting has been steadily investing in the region's digital future, with Thornton slated to be our next town in Colorado. We’re committed to bringing improved connectivity options to residents and businesses, ensuring they have access to the high-speed internet necessary for today's digital demands.

Ting Greenwood Village lighting ceremony
Deb Walker speaking at lighting ceremony
Photo of Greenwood Village locals at lighting ceremony
Ting employee photo at lighting ceremony

The lighting ceremony in Greenwood Village last week was a great opportunity for our Ting team to connect with local community members and city officials alike! Now that Ting Internet is available to initial Greenwood Village addresses, you may see a few of our team members around town. We’re excited to support local initiatives and organizations that make Greenwood Village a vibrant place to live and work. That’s because our commitment to Greenwood Village goes beyond just providing exceptional internet service—from sponsoring events to collaborating with local partners, Ting is dedicated to becoming a positive force for good in the local community.

At Ting, we understand the importance of a strong and reliable internet connection in today's interconnected world. Our fiber network not only delivers blazing-fast speeds but also offers a more seamless and reliable online experience for residents and businesses alike. Whether it's streaming your favorite shows, working from home, or running a small business, Ting Internet allows you to thrive in the digital age.

Ready to experience Ting for yourself? 

We invite residents of Greenwood Village to explore our lightning-fast fiber internet service and discover the difference Ting can make in your online experience. Visit the Greenwood Village Ting Internet page to learn more, check your address, and order/pre-order today. If you're interested in following along with our network expansion, check out our construction progress on the Greenwood Village Construction Updates page.

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