Amazon Prime streaming channel deals
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Amazon Prime streaming channel deals

Amazon is making trying a bunch of Amazon Prime streaming channels and services easier. Many are just $0.99/mo. for up to two months. Here's a full list.

You get a streaming channel, you get a streaming channel, everyone gets a streaming channel!

Leading up to its annual Prime Day, Amazon is making it easier to try a bunch of Amazon Prime streaming channels and services without breaking the bank. Many are just $0.99/mo. for up to two months in this promotion.  Try the ones that look interesting and only keep the ones you love.

Read on for a helpful tip on how to turn off auto-renew so you don't get stuck paying for streaming services you're not using after the promotional period ends.

Here's the full list of Amazon Prime $0.99 streaming channels.


Hit movies and gritty exclusive original series, plus movies you won't see anywhere else. 


Movies, documentaries, comedy, some sports (think PPV fights), docuseries and stuff definitely not for kids.


24/7 news, movies and originals.


Features shows from HGTV, Food Network, History and others. Lots of reality TV including the weirdly pop-ular Dr. Pimple Popper, Iron Chef and all those home reno shows you may miss.


Some great classics including The Silence of the Lambs, A Few Good Men, Dazed and Confused. Sundance films plus series like Gangs of London, The Walking Dead and a few original series. Also, great initials (see this humble author's name).


Some heavy docs, a fair sized index of horror movies, some original series like War of the Worlds, Bridge and Tunnel and Godfather of Harlem starring Roger Whitaker.   


2,000 hours of Black content from Black creators including original series like Tyler Perry's Bruh, The Family Business and original movies like Get to Know Me and Sacrifice.


Kids shows including Paw Patrol, Bubble Guppies, Shimmer and Shine, Peppa Pig. Plus, Blue's Clues has apparently been rebooted with Blues Clues & You. 


A streaming platform in every sense of the word. Black content from Black creators with an open to pitches policy. Features a slate of original series; a new one every month. Comedy, drama docuseries, reality, movies and more.

PBS Masterpiece

Shows from a bygone era plus new series in the same spirit. Features shows like Poldark, Victoria, Inspector Lewis and Sandition. 

Up Faith & Family

"Faith Affirming" shows and movies for kids and adults both. A small, purpose-driven collection. 

Acorn TV

Shows and movies from Britain and beyond... but not much beyond. Includes Midsomer Murders, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries and the reboot Ms. Fisher's, Doc Martin, Land Girls and so on. 

Lifetime Movie Club

Lifetime Movie conjures up an image. If it's an image you like, the Lifetime Movie Club is worth a look.

PBS Kids

PBS Kids focuses on stuff kids like to watch that parents are cool with. PBS may be available over the air with an antenna but given that it's "made possible by viewers like you," paying for the convenience of on-demand may be worth it.

PBS Documentaries

PBS makes some pretty great docs and this is the streaming service that will allow you any time access.


Original series and movies, all in Spanish, all the time. Movies and series for grown-up tastes plus original series and Spanish translations of popular kid's shows.


Come for the Top Gear, stay for the motorsports race coverage including the Le Mans, World Endurance Championship, Supercars Championship and more. Plus, get a bunch of gear head original series including things with titles like Dirty Mudder Truckers and Junkyard Gold.


A catching house for the slightly weird, Moviesphere includes some big-time movies and a somewhat esoteric mix of everything else. 

Turn off auto-renew

By default, Amazon will auto-renew all your Amazon Prime streaming channels. We advise turning auto-renew off and instead opting in on the streaming channels you want to keep rather than trying to remember to opt-out when the trial is up. Here's how to turn off Amazon auto-renew on streaming channels.

  1. Log in to your Amazon account
  2. Go to Account > Memberships & Subscriptions > App Subscription Settings
  3. Select Actions beside the streaming service and select turn off auto-renewal

If you fall in love with a streaming service and you want to keep it after the trial period, you can turn auto-renew on following the same steps. 

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