Award-winning original content for cord-cutters
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Award-winning original content for cord-cutters

We've said it here before, but it's the kind of thing that bears repeating from time to time. Increasingly, the best TV around isn't on TV.

The best TV is not on TV

We've said it here before, but it's the kind of thing that bears repeating from time to time. Increasingly, the best TV around isn't on TV. Non-cable options like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Crackle, and others are pouring out amazingly high-quality original content.

In the last three years, Netflix has been nominated for 78 Emmys. Yet, none of these Emmy-nominated TV shows has been seen on cable TV. Just last year, Amazon Video had 12 Emmy nominations, one of which won them their first Emmy (via Forbes).

Entertainment Weekly reports that Netflix plans to spend $6 billion dollars on new original content in 2016, while Amazon plans on spending $3 billion dollars on new original video and music for its Prime members. Compare that to HBO who plans to spend just $1.8 billion on content in 2016, a mere 20% increase over 2015.

The best part of all this content? If you subscribe to both Netflix and Amazon Prime, it will only cost you $18.25 a month to get access to these great shows. Compare that to the average monthly cable TV bill that is now almost $100 a month!

$Billions turned into original gems

So, what do cord cutters get for all these billions of dollars spent on original content?

You get the big titles you have probably heard about all year like Orange is the New Black and Transparent. You also get an exciting line up of other great originals.


Not only has Netflix made great scripted originals, they also have hundreds of documentaries on a wide range of topics from sports and politics, to a look at the darker side of America. Love sports? Check out Schooled – The Price of College Sports, a documentary on compensation for college athletes. Love politics? Political documentaries include Winter on Fire Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom, about the tension between Ukraine and Russia and Mitt, a look at Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign. Prefer something else? Netflix takes a sobering look at the young adult pornography industry in an original documentary, Hot Girls Wanted.

Rescued shows

Documentaries not your thing? Netflix has rescued many popular series. Gilmore Girls and Lost in Space are just a couple of the saved shows Netflix is sharing as Netflix originals, while others have been turned into spin-offs like Fuller House. Some other shows Netflix has made full new seasons of include Arrested Development Season 4, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Trailer Park Boys. Hulu has also saved some popular shows like The Mindy Project from cancellation.

Future originals

There are some exciting new originals in the works too, featuring big name materials. Netflix alone has announced plans for over 90 new shows and movies, including big name actors like Adam Sandler are in the works right now. Love classic cartoons? Netflix is also releasing a reboot of the childhood favorite cartoon, Voltron.

Amazon is working on new original shows like Jack Ryan, a series based on the popular Jack Ryan books by Tom Clancy. Meanwhile, Hulu is rumored to be working on a new Stephen King show after enjoying the success of Stephen King’s Hulu Original, 11.22.63.

Netflix turns the table on broadcasters

These original shows have become so popular, Univision has purchased rights to air several Spanish versions of Netflix Originals on their broadcast channels. This marks the first time a show meant for, and streamed on, Netflix will also be aired on broadcast TV.

Not only can cord cutters watch all of these great originals for a fraction of the cost of cable TV, we also have access to thousands of other shows and movies whenever we want to watch them, making streaming a much better deal than cable TV.

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