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How much Internet speed do I need? If you’re a content creator or an aspiring influencer, you’ll want a connection that can keep up.

Power your career as a content creator with fiber Internet

Interested in becoming a content creator? You’ll need tech and tools to power your foray into the world of digital content. While you’re building a side hustle, your dream job or your very own business, the last thing you’ll want is an Internet connection that slows you down. Ting fiber Internet is the perfect connection for people who want to do more online. Whether you’re streaming on Twitch or YouTube, or uploading photos to the cloud for your foodiecrazy fast fiber Internet from Ting is going to keep up with your content creation. [link url="http://ting.com/internet" title="Find Ting in your town" open="new" type="read more"]Find Ting in your town[/link]

What is a content creator? Content creator job description

What does a content creator do? A content creator produces pieces of content (those blogs, videos, photos we mentioned above) and contributes to media, typically social and digital media. You’ll often see the word digital crop up when you’re researching content creation and content creator jobs, and that’s because most of what a content creator does is online. Sure, there may be the odd editorial piece in a magazine or newspaper, but most of our media exposure today is online, and that’s where content creators want their work to exist.

What is content creation in social media?

Social media and content go hand in hand. Social media factors in hugely to any content strategy, and content is the most important element to any social presence. If you’re building a social presence, you’ll want to have something to say and a steady production of content, whether it's blogs, videos, graphics, social polls or photos, will help you spread the message you’re all about. Sharing other people’s content can only take you so far in the world of influencers and content creators. Having the skills and tools to create those unique blogs and videos, however, is another thing entirely. Content creation in social media is actually making the stuff you share.

Before you start: decide what you want to say

Remember, the Internet is full or burgeoning content creators just like you. In order to cut through the noise, ask yourself what you can offer that’s really different. New voices are always welcome in the world of content creation, and new perspectives are important. Make sure you’re doing something different, not just modeling your work after someone else.

Tools of the trade

Whether you’re streaming on YouTube or Twitch, blogging about your finances or shooting beautiful photography for an enviable Instagram page, you’re going to need some gear. The basic gear or kit for any blogger or Instagrammer goes something like this: laptop, camera and stand, selfie light and stand and flat lay set up for photography. Your gear will change depending on what you’re blogging about, for instance, if you’re a personal finance blogger you might need some screen recording software for walking people through a sample budget. If your focus is on food, you’ll need all the cookware that goes along with being a foodie authority.

Gear for video: invest in a starter camera

If you’re going to incorporate video into your online presence (and you should definitely work in this compelling medium), you’ll probably want to invest in a higher performing entry-level DSLR camera to start. You can get away with taking photos and simple social or live videos on your phone in some situations, but for high-quality work, a camera is worth it.

How to live stream

Live streaming is another important way to engage with your growing audience and add a personal touch to your digital presence. For this, you’ll need a streaming set up with a pleasing background, a microphone (or headset with a microphone if you’re a gamer) and some simple lighting. Test your stream before you actually go live, and if you’re streaming on Twitch, check out our ultimate guide to making a cash worthy stream . Most importantly, to get the best upload speed while you’re broadcasting a live stream, you’ll want to use a wired connection. A wired connection is always going to be better than a wireless connection. Wi-Fi is great, but it does have limitations, and the last thing you want is an Internet issue in the middle of your broadcast.

How much Internet speed do I need?

If you’ve refined your content message, set up a stream, started producing aand you’re doing all of this on a traditional Internet connection, you’re probably finding the Internet is throwing a serious hitch in your day, rather than enabling you to do more online. Like we said before, content creation and the Internet go hand in hand, and the way we consume content today is almost entirely digital. Content creators work online, and the Internet is a tool they use to get their message out there. Without a solid, reliable Internet connection, streamers can’t stream, photographers can’t upload photos to the cloud and bloggers can’t book their next review of a brand new restaurant. What is the best Internet speed? Symmetrical gigabit Internet. Symmetrical refers to a connection’s upload speed being just as fast as it’s download speed and gigabit refers to the numbers: 1,000 Mbps upload and download. Most providers will give you a decent download speed, but a seriously subpar upload speed that doesn’t come close to being equal to its download counterpart. Content creators aren’t just consumers of the Internet, in fact, they’re mostly contributors to the Internet. That means uploading. A lot of uploading. Uploading video to YouTube and uploading photos to a content manager like WordPress or Squarespace. Content creators don’t want their Internet connection to slow them down (who does?) and the best Internet speed is one that doesn’t inhibit your side hustle or career goals.

See if Ting’s coming to you

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