What is a good upload speed? Why upload makes all the difference
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What is a good upload speed? Why upload makes all the difference

Often at Ting, we get asked, What is a good upload speed? The answer is simple. Symmetrical Internet is best, where you upload as fast as you download.

What is a good upload speed? This post will talk about the speed most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) don’t advertise. We’re going to cover why upload speed matters and what a bad upload speed can impact in your day-to-day Internet experience.

Ting Internet offers symmetrical gigabit Internet. That means our advertised download speeds are equal to our upload speeds. We believe the answer to the question, what is a good upload speed? is: a symmetrical one.

Start off with a speed test

Let’s put your connection to the test. Just open this speed test and hit go. First, you’ll get a download speed, followed by an upload speed. Unless you’re on a symmetrical gigabit Internet connection, those speeds probably have a pretty big gap.

Is upload speed important?

A lot of talk around the subject of online versus download will suggest that the majority of people need high download speeds and upload speeds aren’t as important. At Ting, we tend to disagree. The idea that upload speed is only important for a small fraction of “power users” is inaccurate. It doesn’t take into consideration our evolving use of the Internet, and especially the cloud.

So, in a word, yes upload speed is important. It’s important for gaming, fast cloud storage, photo sharing and more. Basically, it’s important for pretty much everything we do online.

What is a good upload speed? A symmetrical one.

Upload effects everything you do on the Internet. When you put a file on your Google Drive or sync your photos to iCloud, you’re uploading. When you send an email, a message or call loved ones on FaceTime, you’re uploading.

Today, applications and software rely on the cloud. Shared materials at work, video conferencing and online learning resources all require two-way communication (uploading and downloading). When you’re upload speed isn’t great, you’ll suffer from online experiences that are sluggish, delayed, slow and inefficient.

That’s why at Ting we believe the best upload speed is one that’s equal to your download speed. That’s symmetrical speed.

The negative impact of asymmetrical speed

Asymmetrical speed refers to the lopsided upload/download speeds we see in most connections today. The impact of this asymmetry is not to be downplayed. Why? Because upload speed is important. Without solid upload, businesses move slower, communications are delayed and our ability to contribute to the Internet is throttled.

How to increase upload speed

If you’re not in one of our Ting Towns, and are making do with a subpar upload speed, go with a wired connection when you’re pushing files to the cloud. Using a wired connection is going to get you the best speeds, period.

Remember, most ISPs have built connections for downloading. Not uploading. So consider going with an ISP that prioritizes upload. And talk to your local government about opportunities to bring fiber Internet to town.

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