How to watch football without cable, the right way
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How to watch football without cable, the right way

If you're ready to upgrade to streaming TV or wondering how to watch football without cable, here's how to ensure the perfect NFL streaming experience.

Every NFL fan has their own version of the ideal gameday experience. When you're streaming NFL games on Sundays this fall, it's important to line up all of the necessities and luxuries you've envisioned for an afternoon of rooting for your favorite team.

Planning is everything. With the NFL season just around the corner, it's time to figure out how to watch football without cable—and without sacrificing your viewing experience. From snacks to seating to a blazing-fast Internet connection, here are a few essentials to help you create the perfect gameday setup.

A healthy supply of gameday snacks

What's football without food? Any good gameday setup needs great food to complement the viewing experience. Whether you want wings, pizza, nachos, or some other classic football food, you'll want to figure out how to supply those items before the game day arrives.

If you're feeling motivated to prep the food on your own, be sure to have your groceries stocked in your fridge and pantry on the day of the game. If you're not interested in cooking, figure out where you'll be ordering food from, or find some pantry snacks that will get the job done, such as chips and salsa, peanuts, pretzels, or popcorn.

A cozy seat

When you're settling in for a few hours of football, you need a comfortable spot to watch the game. If you're watching the game alone, maybe your favorite recliner is exactly what you're looking for. With friends and family, you might be better off watching from a sofa or setting up the space so that your live stream can be viewed from several spots in the room.

Also, make sure you've got ample seating for whomever you invite. Again, you'll want to figure all of this out ahead of time. You don't want to have to miss the pregame show to rearrange your room.

Fast, seamless Internet service

Missing the game's biggest moment due to a pixelated screen, buffering interruptions, or even a lost Internet connection is every sports fan's worst nightmare. No matter how impressive your gameday setup is, it won't mean anything if your streaming experience is plagued by slow Internet speeds and poor picture quality.

A fast, reliable Internet connection is non-negotiable. Check your local area for high-speed fiber internet service that will support lightning-fast download speeds and crystal-clear, problem-free streaming this NFL season.

Branded merch for your favorite team

Sports fans like to dress the part, so make sure everyone knows who you're rooting for on game day. Whether you opt for a favorite team jersey or some other piece of branded team gear, get your laundry done on Saturday (or don't if you're superstitious) so you're ready to dress in your Sunday best.

You could even look for other opportunities to show off your team allegiance. Some fans like to fly team flags outside of their homes on game day, while others stick flags and banners on their cars for when they're driving around town. The more pride you have in your team, the more fun you'll have, regardless of the game's result.

A second screen to watch NFL Red Zone

For serious fans, NFL RedZone is a required part of any NFL viewing experience. With NF Red Zone running on a second streaming device, you and your guests can catch every single touchdown from every game happening across the league without having to turn the channel away from your favorite team.

NFL RedZone also offers supplemental coverage and analysis to enhance your game day viewing experience, along with additional content to keep you entertained throughout the week. With NFL RedZone on a second screen, you don't have to choose between your favorite team and the biggest plays of the week. Instead, you can enjoy them all at the same time.

If you're serious about figuring out how to watch football without cable, then it's time to put together a setup that'll let you stream all of the NFL action in style and comfort. With the right approach and a fast Internet connection, you can create a more dynamic and rewarding gameday experience than ever before.

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