Increase your property value with home fiber internet

Increase your property value with home fiber internet

Homebuyers are looking for high-speed internet availability. Remember to highlight your fiber internet connection to increase home value!

Increasing home value is on every home-sellers mind. While house-hunting and moving are a pain for most people, the prospect of saving money or making that money go further is a great motivator.

Upgrades, rebuilds, and investments to your property will likely increase your profit, but to get the most out of your sale, remember to highlight your fiber internet connection to increase home value.

Increase your home value with fiber internet 

Wait, fiber internet increases home value? Yes! Based on this study from the Fiber Broadband Association, home-sellers can expect to see 3.1% increase in the value of their property when outfitted with fiber internet! This study also found that “homes where 1 gigabit-per-second broadband was available, transaction prices were over 7% higher than homes located where the highest speed available is 25 Mbps or lower,” which is pretty great news for Ting Internet customers and homeowners who’ve made the switch to fiber. Getting fiber internet isn’t just about getting online—it’s about future-proofing your entire home.

So is fiber internet actually better than cable?

In short, yes. It’s reliable and durable. It allows for smart homes with multiple devices to function seamlessly and without interference or lag. As demand grows and more and more people work, play, and stream from home, fiber is able to handle much greater usage. That’s why we say that our fiber is future-proof. Unlike cable, it can quite easily handle our ever-growing demand. What’s more, fiber-to-the-home (or FTTH) providers like Ting Internet, install a line directly to the home, which means a dedicated fiber line, just for you—giving you a powerful, reliable internet connection and limitless streaming potential.

And how do I know if there’s fiber optic internet in my new area?

To answer this, you really have to do your research. Remember that in some cases, where there is no fiber build yet, there may be a provider (like us!) already in town, waiting to expand their builds and move into new neighborhoods or areas of town. You can check if Ting Internet is in your area and research to see what other major providers are in the vicinity. 

A quick note

Making the switch to Ting Internet is simple and, we would even say, painless! In some cases, we even help buy out contracts so you can leave your current provider without penalties.

We also offer human support, around the clock. We don’t do introductory offers—that wouldn’t be fair to our current, loyal customers. What we do instead is offer an experience that is consistent and reliable. As for our reputation, just ask around. We’re confident you’ll be satisfied with our fiber product and the quality of service we provide.

Check your address

Check to see if fiber is available to you in your new area! Anytime you’re curious, you can check when or if Ting Internet is available in your part of town by visiting

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