Ting Internet: Your local internet service provider
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Ting Internet: Your local internet service provider

We’re Ting Internet and we’re all about building fast fiber connections and being the best local internet service provider in town.

Hey, glad you made it, we’ve been hoping you’d find this page! We’re Ting Internet and we’re all about building fiber connections and providing the best internet service in town. We offer fast internet speeds with fiber to the home, at a great price with a ton of amazing benefits. 

At Ting Internet, we support a free and open internet in word and deed. We will never block, throttle, or otherwise interfere with the online access of our customers. We’re also passionate advocates of the principles of net neutrality and on narrowing the digital divide. We believe that the internet is the greatest agent for positive change that the world has ever known. It is this belief that is at the core of everything we do.

Alright, want to get to know us, your local internet service provider, a little better? Let’s dive in!

Fiber is all about speed

Fiber internet is about speed, reliability and efficiency. With our fiber to the home product, you’ll be getting a dedicated fiber line right to your home, which means full gigabit speeds so you can get the best streaming TV or gaming experience without any buffering or lag. With a gigabit connection, a busy family can use the internet to do everything they need to get done in a day, without getting in each other’s way. 

We offer true symmetrical gigabit (1,000 Mbps up and down) to homes and businesses. We also offer fiber internet access to enterprises and buildings. Give us a call if you’d like to discuss that.

Ting customer service: live, human support

One of the things that sets Ting Internet apart is our customer service. Our promise is that any time you need us, a real person will pick up the phone within a couple of rings, around the clock. We show the same level of care and commitment to customer service for email and online chat too, of course. Whether you’re calling, commenting, or even tweeting, we’re around when you need us. What can we say, we like to hire humans instead of employing robots to do our customer service for us. We think that’s pretty cool—because real, live people are at the heart of what we do.

No contracts or hidden fees

So this might surprise you: you can try us out and cancel any time. Really. At Ting Internet, we don’t do contracts. We don’t like writing them or making people sign them or having to enforce them, which means you’ll never have to worry about the fine print, contracts, or hidden fees. If our fiber internet service isn’t for you, for whatever reason, you can leave whenever you want, without penalty. In some cases, we will even help buy out your contract with your current provider. That’s how much we dislike contracts… unlike some other companies we know. ;) 

No data caps

No data caps? Did you read that right? Yep. We don’t like to punish our customers for using our product—that seems... illogical. What this means for you is that once you get online, you won’t worry about going over some arbitrary amount of data or limiting yourself or people in your household to how much you can do online. Pay your bill and use the internet, however, whenever you want.

Our pricing promise is simple and fair

In addition to our stand against contracts, we also believe in being fair to our current customers. This is why we’ve never raised our prices in any of the other Ting Towns where we work, from Idaho to Virginia to California—and we don’t plan to! We also don’t do introductory offers. That wouldn’t be fair to our current, loyal customers. What we do instead is offer an experience that is consistent and reliable. What you signed up for, is what you’ll pay for, month after month. As for our reputation as the best local internet service provider, just ask around. We’re confident that you’ll be satisfied with our fiber internet product and the quality of service we provide.

Check your address

Check to see if fiber is available to you in your new area! Anytime you’re curious, you can check when or if Ting Internet is available in your part of town by visiting ting.com/internet.

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