NBC Gold Zone: The action-packed Olympics channel you need
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NBC Gold Zone: The action-packed Olympics channel you need

With 7,000 hours of Olympics content available, how can you navigate it all? NBC Gold Zone delivers all of the medal-winning events in one place.

A massive wave of Tokyo Olympics coverage is almost upon us. U.S. Olympics media partner NBCUniversal will have 7,000 hours of glorious Games footage including 5,500 hours of streaming content through NBC Sports Digital, from the Olympics' start on Friday, Jul 23 all the way through the closing ceremony on Sunday, Aug 8.

While the Olympics in their entirety are always worth watching, there's something special about those final medal-distributing events, and you don't want to have to frantically click around looking for each one while you're streaming them on TV. Luckily, you can watch them all in one convenient place, NBC Gold Zone.

What is NBC Gold Zone?

Gold Zone is a digital hub you can access via the NBC Sports app or NBCOlympics.com. From 8pm to 2am just about every night of the Games, this hub will be streaming events live, and it will have everything. Simone Biles' hopefully medal-winning floor routine? Check. Trayvon Bromell's attempt to break Usain Bolt's world record in the 100m sprint? Check.

NBC started offering this service in 2014 with the Sochi Winter Games, and it became an instant destination for fans who want nothing but the hits without the need to scroll through a guide to see what's on when—or where, given that NBC spreads its coverage across multiple broadcast networks and live streams.

How does NBC Gold Zone work?

Similar to the NFL's Red Zone, which switches around live games when teams are in scoring position, Gold Zone automatically whips around to the events that will determine which athletes get to fly home from Tokyo with a medal. Within minutes, you can see the women's vault final, the ending of the final men's soccer game, and the medal-deciding judo match.

Can I watch multiple events at once?

Some of your favorite Olympics events will invariably be happening at the same time, and when that happens, the Gold Zone uses the quad box to make sure you don't miss any of the action. Up to four events will appear on your screen when quad box mode is active, so while you can watch the events on your phone, you might want to level up to a big screen to see exactly what's happening in each of the boxes, especially if you're watching an event that involves projectiles like balls or targets.

The last thing you want during the Olympics is for your connection to drop in the middle of Katie Ledecky's world-record-smashing 800m freestyle or one of Simone Biles' physics-defying combinations. You simply can't have these athletes frozen on the screen like Schrödinger's medal winners because your internet connection has dropped out.

Just as Gold Zone gives you only the best of the best athletic performances, a fiber internet connection gives you the best of the best internet connectivity. Fiber connections are faster because they use light, rather than electricity, to carry sound and images to your screen. Gigabit fiber from Ting can serve up the speed and reliability you need to see Biles definitely stick that landing.

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