How to save money as a cord cutter
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How to save money as a cord cutter

Looking for ways to save money as a cord cutter? Here are three tips to help you budget your TV entertainment subscriptions.

Three ways to save money as a cord cutter

Recently, there have been new rumblings and rumors on the Internet that cord cutting doesn’t really save you money. This is an old misconception that has been around since people first began ditching cable TV.

Now, critics are trying a new tactic. Instead of denying cable fees have become exorbitant, they purport that cord-cutting is equally expensive because of the subscription fees for streaming services. Not true. With a little self-control, cord-cutting can save you a significant amount of money.   

Another tactic critics use is to claim cord-cutting costs are rising. However, a recent report by Park Associates found the average $8 cost of subscription streaming services has remained unchanged for the last three years, and what's more, 30% of cord-cutters don’t subscribe to any streaming services.

So what can you do to save money as a cord cutter? Here are three things.

  1. Swap streaming services you no longer use for new ones.
  2. Don’t subscribe to every service that catches your attention.
  3. Do your research and you will save significant amounts of money while still watching what you want.

1. Save by rotating services

Cord cutters are taking advantage of the fact that they are not under contract to the different services they use. This allows them to drop services that go up in price and replace them with cheaper options. Just a week or two ago, we saw this as many DIRECTV NOW subscribers are looking for cheaper options after a $10 a month price hike.

We always suggest rotating services. If you want HBO for Game of Thrones there is no need to pay for HBO year-round. It only takes a few minutes to start or stop a service.

2. You don't need every service

The truth is you could never watch enough TV to justify subscribing to every service. Hulu’s on-demand service alone has more movies and TV shows than you could watch in a year of 24/7 nonstop streaming, with new content being added every week.

3. Do your own research and save

We firmly stand behind the fact that cord-cutting will save most Americans money. Don’t take our word for it and don’t take someone else’s either. Do your own research; if you find you will save money, then cut the cord. If you think cable is a better deal, get cable.

What you don’t want to do is fall victim to scare tactics meant to keep you with cable TV.

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