So you’ve just ordered Ting Internet. What now?
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So you’ve just ordered Ting Internet. What now?

Thanks for placing your order with Ting. We’re excited for you to get your hands on a fiber connection and see what it can do. Here's what you can expect.

Thanks for placing your order with Ting. We’re excited for you to get your hands on a fiber connection and see what it can do. If you haven’t heard from our team already, expect a call from them soon to set up your appointment and get the ball rolling. It all begins with a fiber drop. A fiber drop is the last bit of fiber that gets you connected directly to the network. You don’t need to be home when your fiber drop is installed in the path pre-marked by Construction, workers.

Your fiber drop

The process goes something like this:

  1. We’ll call you to get your permission to do the “fiber drop”. This step is also a way for you to know we’re in the home stretch for your specific address, and that you’ll be up and running with Ting relatively soon.ordered Ting Internet
  2. The local utility marker/“locate company” is called to mark where your utilities are (gas, water, cable, etc.). You’ll see spray paint or flags in your yard marking these.
  3. Once that’s done, we have contractors use vibratory plows to bury conduit from the road to the side of your home (the conduit is the tube will that house the fiber). This conduit gets buried approximately 6-8 inches in the ground and may go under your yard or driveway.
  4. The next step involves a special machine feeding (or “blowing”) the fiber through that conduit.
  5. The final step: our Construction, team says “the fiber is blown” to your address, which is our cue to call and book your final install date and time!

You will not need to be home for any of the outdoor steps listed above. Please note that the actual process for placing a fiber drop varies from town to town. What is the same for all towns is the actual installation process.

Your Ting Internet installation

Our help center has everything you need to know about the install, including details on using your own hardware and the installation process. Plus, check out our installation FAQ to get all your questions answered. Once we've brought the fiber into your house, we set up the modem and (optionally) the wireless router. Getting this set up in your home generally takes a little under an hour.

ordered Ting Internet

  1. First, we work with you to find a spot for the equipment and get it set up. Most customers opt for a table-top setup, but the unit can be wall-mounted as well.
  2. Next, we splice a connector onto the raw fiber optic cable that we've brought into your home. This part is pretty cool and we urge you to watch it happen!
  3. Next, we plug the connector into the back of the modem and turn it on.
  4. Then, we run a speed test to make sure that everything is working properly.
  5. Then if you opt for our router, we hook up the router to the fiber modem and configure the wireless network and password.
  6. Lastly, we help you get your devices connected to the network.

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That’s it! You’re ready to enjoy your fiber connection. For more information on fiber, follow along on the Ting blog.

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