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Streaming for movie lovers

Not only can movie lovers find great paid subscription services, but there are many free movie streaming services that are supported with ads.

Love watching a great movie while relaxing on the coach? If so, streaming may be your dream resource for movies. Not only can movie lovers find great paid subscription services, but there are many free services that are supported with ads.

So, as the weather gets colder and you settle down on the couch to enjoy a movie, here are a few services you should try out. Since we are going to focus on services you may not know about, services like Netflix and Amazon Prime will not be on this list.

Streaming movies is a favorite American pastime

Top paid movie services


Love Classic Movies? Love the TCM channel? FilmStruck is the movie service for you.
FilmStruck is a new service owned in part by Turner Classic Movies and the Criterion Collection. They plan to make this the definitive source for classic movie lovers. The service was released in November 2016 and costs $10.99 a month for what they say will be a large catalog of classic movies. 

Just one catch, this means the Criterion Collection will be leaving Hulu mid-November 2016.


Love horror movies? Shudder is a movie service dedicated to all things horror. Perfect to get you in the mood for Halloween. Plans start at just $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year.  You can test it out with a seven-day FREE trial. It may be a great way to find all the scary movies you want this fall.


Want something a little newer? HBO NOW not only gives you access to HBO shows, but also to a huge on-demand library of movies. HBO NOW costs $15 a month and has new content added every week.

Showtime Anytime

Similar to HBO NOW,  Showtime Anytime gives you full access to the Showtime original shows and a huge catalog of movies. You can get Showtime Anytime for just $11 a month, or for $9 a month if you  subscribe to it through your existing Hulu account.

Top free movie services

Tubi TV

Tubi TV claims to have the largest collection of FREE movies in the U.S. Every genre is represented in Tubi TV's huge lineup of great movies. The best part is they are 100 percent free with ad support.


Since Crackle is owned by Sony it gives you access to a huge library of Sony movies. Not only do you get great movies, but you also get access to a ton of original shows. The best part is Crackle is free!


If you want anime, check out Crunchyroll, which offers a free option with ads (also a premium option without ads). Some of the Anime have subtitles, with audio in Japanese, while others have a full English cast.

Crunchyroll is the largest anime streaming service out there but there are many other great options. You can find a full list of anime streaming services in our guide to anime streaming.

Movie lovers love Roku players

One of the great things about Roku players, that other players do not offer, is a large selection of free channels. This has a lot to do with their ad service, which allows content owners to stream, for free, content that others have to charge for.

Here are a few Roku-only streaming services that are 100 percent free:

Sci-Fi Station – A great resource of classic and newer sci-fi movies

Faith-Based Movies – Christian-focused movies

Mystery Movie Theater – Mystery movies

Sci-fy Movie Portal – Science-fiction movies

This is just a short list of some of my favorite under the radar movie services. If you have any to add please post them in the comments for everyone to try out.

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