Ting Internet COVID-19 update
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Ting Internet COVID-19 update

Ting Internet's COVID-19 update discusses the temporary postponement of indoor installations, rescheduling appointments, and ongoing network-building.

UPDATE: We have edited this COVID-19 response post to reflect the following:

  • We have extended our halt on indoor installations until a clear and safe path forward can be identified. We are actively working on an interim solution. We continue to monitor the situation and will update again as appropriate.
  • We have upgraded all lower-tier Ting Internet fiber customers to symmetrical gigabit (1000 Mbps) at no charge.

COVID-19, the Coronavirus, has interrupted business-as-usual all over the world.

Ting Internet made the decision to temporarily halt indoor installations in all our Ting Towns for the immediately foreseeable future. While a difficult choice, we believe it is the right one in light of recent and ongoing developments surrounding COVID-19.

It's worth mentioning that fiber is new technology and Ting fiber networks are new infrastructure. Fiber networks aren't prone to the same problems that incumbent networks can face. In the event of a service problem, our remote troubleshooting processes and Internet support teams can already handle issues that arise. In the event a technician is needed, most work tends to be outside the premises. In the event indoor work is needed, we'll evaluate on a case-by-case basis. We are working on new ways to help solve customer problems remotely. As mentioned though, we do not foresee or expect any interruption in service to existing customers.   

Rescheduling Ting Internet installation

Postponing planned installations means we won’t be asking people to invite our installation teams into their homes or businesses until we’re all sure it’s safe to do so. We continue to look for ways we can bring better Internet access to people that need it that don't involve the risk of on-premises installation. In all these explorations, the safety of our people, our customers and the community at large are our first priority.

Since we first announced our halt on indoor installation work, we have been working on an interim solution we're calling "safe installs." This initiative honors the need for physical distancing and the safety of the Ting team and the communities we serve and balances it with people's need for better, faster, more reliable Internet access. We will have more to share around the safe installs initiative soon.

We will begin rescheduling appointments as soon as it is prudent to do so. We will continue to take our prevention and safety cues from the Center for Disease Control and OSHA guidance on COVID-19.

(Net)work continues

Large portions of a home or business installation occurs outside of the premises being installed. Much that work has continued, with the safety of our team and the people we serve as our first priority.

While we work at a somewhat diminished capacity, you might ask “what happens to all the installation and service techs?” We have committed to our installer teams that they don’t need to worry even if there is a change in workload. We intend to ride out this COVID-19 situation together.

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