Get to know our Ting Works initiatives
Community Impact

Get to know our Ting Works initiatives

Showcasing our community initiatives and involvement across our Ting Internet towns. We bring more than fast fiber internet and all its inherent benefits.

When we come to a town, we don't just bring lightning-fast fiber internet and its inherent benefits. We aim to serve the community with more than just way better internet.

We partner with Ting Internet town community leadership, members, and organizations to support important community resources. Usually, that means a free connection to our incredibly-fast fiber network and can also mean sponsorship, advocacy, and partnering to do good in the community.

We don't think of gigabit fiber internet as a luxury. We think of it as a necessary step toward a shared future and we believe in access for all.

We don't just build a network and then retreat back to head office. We believe in becoming a part of the communities we serve.

We give gigabit

Ting Works

The internet is a powerful resource. In our shared mission statement, our parent company Tucows calls the internet "the greatest agent for positive change the world has ever known." Better access to the internet removes barriers and allows people to do great things. That's why do what we can to ensure all members of the community can get access to transformative technology. Our Friends of Ting program gives gigabit access to libraries, community centers, non-profits, cultural centers, and other community touchstones.

"A great town deserves great internet" is more than just a pithy slogan (though it is that, if we do say so ourselves).

In Charlottesville, VA we give free gigabit to the Jefferson Madison Regional Library, the Live Arts Center, Community Bikes, and more. In Westminster, MD, locals can use the gig for free in our very own Ting Makerspace. We also give the gig to the Mid-Atlantic Gigabit Innovation Collaboratory. In Holly Springs, NC, locals can try out the gig while they're visiting the Holly Glen Clubhouse and Pool.

Sponsorship and support

Ting Works

We sponsor local programs, events, foundations, festivals, charities and public services. We support these things because they're the backbone of a strong community. By supporting them, we are investing in the future of the towns we serve.

Ting Internet is the key sponsor of the Carroll Biz Challenge in Westminster, a competition that gives local entrepreneurs the chance to pitch their business ideas and win start-up cash. Ting Internet works with the Food Cupboard, a charitable organization in Holly Springs, that provides food and support to over 140 community families. In 2016, Ting Internet raised funds for a reading room at Johnson Elementary School in Charlottesville. These are just a few examples.

Makerspace experiences

Ting Works

We support and run makerspaces. Makerspaces are physical embodiments of the principles of the internet. Makerspaces are places where people can share tools, ideas, knowledge, and resources. They’re about self-reliance, community, and access to technology. They’re places to meet and to make, where a tool library or a studio space, a think tank, or a community center. Makerspaces are places where ideas come to life.

We support and give gigabit to Tinkersmiths, a community makerspace in Charlottesville. Tinkersmith makers belong to an open, creative, and supportive community. Makers acquire new skills, investigate ideas, prototype new products, and explore science and technology.

Our Ting Makerspace in Westminster is a bustling hub where innovators, inventors, teachers, students, artisans, and crafters come together to learn and make. Workshops and memberships are affordable. We invite the community over for camps, classes and contests. We’ve got a 3D scanner, a mini 3D printer, a full spectrum later, a CNC router, and more, with tutorials offered to make the most of the Makerspace gear.

Advocating for the internet

Ting Works

Ting Internet is committed to the preservation of the free and open internet. We want to see better provider options for Americans and better access for rural and less fortunate communities.

In 2017, we took part in a massive Day of Action, protesting the FCC's initiative to abolish net neutrality. We support OpenMedia and the Electronic Frontier Foundation both financially and morally.

We don't just believe in the open internet. We actively support it in word and deed.

You'll also find key members of Ting Intenet's leadership team on panels at things like Charlottesville's Tom Tom Founders Festival, whose mission is to move people to leave a lasting legacy of creativity and innovation throughout the City.

Do good together

Want to partner with Ting Internet or invite us to support your next community event? We're always happy to have that conversation. Contact the Ting Internet Marketing rep in your town or just ping us on your town's Ting Internet Facebook or Twitter.

Catch Ting Internet in your town

Check back here for updates and events and don't forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Connect with us and see what Ting Internet and your town have been up to.

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