Top smart tech Black Friday sales
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Top smart tech Black Friday sales

On the hunt for the latest smart tech this holiday shopping season? Here's a guide to what you'll find on sale and how to pick the perfect device.

Black Friday shoppers may hit retail stores in search of every kind of gadget and gift found under the sun, but the latest smart tech toys and trends always rank among the most popular big-ticket items of the holiday season. As the biggest shopping day of the calendar year draws near again, retailers are already teasing a wide range of limited-time deals on smart tech to attract shoppers and convert Black Friday sales.

Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, 2021 will see a number of smart tech devices in high demand as shoppers seek out these WiFi-connected tools and toys for friends, family and, of course, themselves. If you're looking for the top tech trends to jump on this holiday season, here are some of the hottest tech toys you'll find among this year's Black Friday deals.

Wi-Fi-connected home security systems

A number of leading home security brands are planning big Black Friday deals to attract new customers who are eager to protect their homes and families. Wi-Fi-connected security systems have gained popularity not only for their affordability and customization options, but also because these systems can deliver live feeds of video camera footage through a mobile app.

As you browse your home security smart tech options, make sure you've also invested in fast, reliable internet that will keep your system online and let you connect to these live security feeds easily. A strong internet connection will only make it easier to secure your home and give you peace of mind.

Keep in mind, too, that many of these security brands sell directly to consumers online. For this reason, you can expect home security system providers to also roll out special promotions for Cyber Monday 2021.

Robot vacuums

Robot vacuums remain a hot commodity among smart tech fans, equipping homes with an intuitive and reliable cleaning device that can keep up with dust, dirt and debris just as well as a live-in housekeeper... at least at ground-level.

When you're shopping for smart vacuums, make sure you compare models and choose a device that suits your needs. Some high-end models will also mop your floor and self-empty into a container, while others will offer specialized capabilities for cleaning up pet fur or other household messes. Choose a robot vacuum that suits your lifestyle if you want to maximize the value of this smart device.

Video doorbells

Whether you purchase this device as part of a home security system or as a standalone smart tech solution, video doorbells are a convenient tool to monitor your front door, even when you're away from home. With a video doorbell connected to a mobile app through Wi-Fi, you can receive notifications when someone arrives at your door or walks up to your home.

If your internet service is fast enough, you can also access the live feed from these video doorbells. On some devices, you can even speak directly to visitors through your device, offering instructions to leave a package on a doorstep or to give you a minute to come to the door.

Smart light bulbs

LED bulbs have been upgraded yet again through the inclusion of smart technology in these household devices. New smart LED bulbs make it easy to control the bulbs throughout your home through a connected hub or platform based on a smartphone or tablet.

Smart LED bulbs also offer additional lighting options when it comes to brightness or color hue, allowing you to control not only your energy consumption but also the aesthetic experience of the rooms in your home. The important thing to remember is that, if you invest in smart light bulbs, you'll also want to make sure you have access to a hub to control these connected devices.

Smart thermostats

With several generations of leading smart thermostats already available on the market, this Wi-Fi-connected device is no new arrival on the Black Friday scene. But smart thermostats remain a staple of in-home smart tech, and you're likely to see a number of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals where these devices will be available at a low price.

If you're struggling to pick the brand for your smart thermostat, it might be helpful to consider the existing smart tech already in your home. Homes equipped with a Google Nest Hub, for example, may want to keep their smart devices within the same brand family by investing in a Google Nest thermostat.

Wi-Fi-connected deadbolts

Smart deadbolts offer a number of conveniences for homeowners, cutting out the use of a key and making it easy to have doors automatically unlock as you approach. With a Wi-Fi-connected smart lock, you can also create custom PIN codes for friends and family visiting your home, or you can unlock doors remotely if a visitor arrives at your door while you're unable to answer.

If you're looking for the latest, greatest smart tech money can buy, make sure your internet connection will let you unleash the full experience of these innovative devices. As you increase the number of web-connected devices in your home, the crazy-fast internet speeds offered by Ting Internet are just what you need to build a seamlessly connected smart home. Contact Ting today to see if fiber internet is available in your area.

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