Bandwidth can make or break your 2021 fantasy football draft
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Bandwidth can make or break your 2021 fantasy football draft

Don't let subpar internet bandwidth destroy your fantasy football championship hopes. Be a 2021 fantasy football draft day winner with Ting internet.

Football season is right around the corner, and you know what that means. It's time to start making plans for your 2021 fantasy football draft. You've done all the research and created a list of the superstars, sleepers, and surprises you want to select in your draft, but you might be missing one critical element in your championship run: fast, reliable internet, so you never miss a play.

The last thing you need on draft day is an internet connection that falls short of the end zone, and having excellent bandwidth could be your secret weapon throughout the football season.

Why your internet connection matters this NFL season

Picture this nightmare scenario: It's the first round of your league's 2021 fantasy football draft, and you've got the perfect player lined up. But once you're on the clock, your computer buffers or loses connection, and you get stuck with the dreaded auto-draft selection. Depending on what round of the draft you're on, this could mess up your entire lineup for the season. Or imagine hosting a fantasy football draft party where your internet bandwidth is so unexpectedly slow that it becomes nearly impossible for you and your guests to make your picks.

During the season, you'll want to stay on top of the waiver wire for the stars who can put your team into first place, but if your internet isn't up to par, your squad might get left behind when it comes to adding and dropping players.

How much bandwidth do you need for draft day?

On draft day, you'll want the power and speed equivalent of the fastest running back in the league at your disposal.

Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transferred in a given period of time, usually measured in megabits per second (Mbps). The more bandwidth your provider can deliver, the more speed and efficiency you'll get out of your internet. Most internet providers' highest tiers are 100 Mbps plans.

Ting Internet, however, gives you 1000 Mbps (one gigabit or 1 Gbps) of bandwidth. Because we use fiber optics instead of aging copper wires, you get a faster and more stable internet experience. Additionally, most providers offer an asymmetric connection, which uploading is noticeably slower than downloading. With a fiber internet connection, you have a symmetrical connection, which means your upload speed is the same as your download speed... which is to say, super fast.

Take charge on game day

Impressive internet bandwidth also allows you to play general manager like a pro during game days. You can stream NFL Red Zone to catch up on all the touchdowns, big plays, and dramatic finishes from every game while you check the stats on your team's matchup. And with so much bandwidth, it won't matter if someone else is gaming or binging a 4K Netflix show in the next room — your ability to multitask won't be affected.

With Ting Internet, connectivity issues are a thing of the past, and a gigabit of bandwidth allows multiple devices in your home to accomplish bandwidth-intensive tasks without bogging down your connection. Get the right router and Wi-Fi extender to maximize your fiber internet performance.

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