Is fiber internet worth the cost?
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Is fiber internet worth the cost?

Discover if fiber internet’s lightning-fast speeds and reliability justify the cost—plus what sets Ting apart from other fiber providers.

We all rely on the internet, whether it’s for work, school, fun or keeping in touch with family and friends. But with most internet providers claiming to be the best, it's hard to figure out what's truly worth the cost. Finding the right internet plan and provider feels like a puzzle. It's not just about how fast or cheap a plan is—it's about how well a plan can meet your needs.

We're here to help you figure out if upgrading to fiber internet is a smart move for you, if fiber internet is really worth the cost and what sets Ting apart from other internet providers.

Fiber internet is lightning-fast

Fiber internet represents the future of connectivity. Unlike traditional internet connections, it uses light to transmit data via fiber-optic cables, making it way faster than cable internet.

Fiber internet gives you equally fast speeds for uploading and downloading—think of it like a two-way highway—making video calls smoother, file uploads lightning fast and online gaming a breeze. It's also really good at maintaining a strong connection even when everyone's online.


Fiber internet is future proof

As we move into the future, the amount of bandwidth needed will only continue to increase as we add more internet-connected devices to our households. With Ting's fiber internet, you can comfortably meet these data requirements no matter how many devices are connected at the same time.

Fiber internet is reliable

Fiber internet is much more reliable than traditional internet, so you're less likely to experience outages or slowdowns. This is because fiber-optic cables are less susceptible to interference from weather, power outages and other factors.

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Why Ting’s fiber internet is worth it

There are a number of fiber internet providers that throttle speeds during peak hours, which means you won’t get the speeds you’re paying for. Ting will never throttle your speeds, so you always get the lightning-fast connection you signed up for.

Plus, with other fiber providers, you might get asymmetrical speeds—meaning that upload speeds are significantly slower than download speeds. This can be a major disadvantage, especially for people who frequently share large files or need to be on video calls while working from home. With Ting, your connection will be symmetrical, meaning your uploads are just as fast as your downloads.

Unlock fiber internet’s full potential with Ting Internet

It's best to opt for an internet connection that runs fiber right to your home like Ting. With no contracts and 24/7, all-human customer support, Ting Internet is the perfect fiber internet provider for you and your family.

Check your address now and see if Ting Internet is available in your area!

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