Is Ting Fiber Internet Better Than Cox?

Is Ting Fiber Internet Better Than Cox?

Is Ting Internet a better choice than Cox? Dive into our comprehensive analysis covering speed, reliability, value, and customer support, and make the decision for yourself!

Are you in the market for high-speed internet but overwhelmed by the multitude of options available? It's essential to make an informed decision when choosing a provider that meets your needs, and we’re here to help!

If you're wondering, "Is Ting better than Cox?"—in a word, yes. But we admit we’re a bit biased. So rather than using flowery language to win you over, we’ll just stick to the facts. Let's dive into the details and find out all the reasons why Ting Internet is better than Cox.

Ting is faster

When it comes to speed, Ting fiber internet stands out. While Cox’s fastest internet plan in select markets is advertised at 2,000 Mbps (which is the same as Ting), Ting’s real-world speeds will always be faster and more consistent, and here’s why.

Cox operates on copper cable. That’s the same outdated technology created for telephone and cable TV use. Cable companies use a protocol called DOCSIS to boost cable’s notoriously slow download speeds, allowing occasional maximum gigabit speeds. However, their internet connection still suffers from the usual speed-related drawbacks of cable:

  • The more people who are online—not just in your household but your neighborhood—the slower your internet will be. Even when using a wired connection to avoid the slower performance of Wi-Fi, Cox customers often report experiencing download speeds well below the advertised maximum speed. Ting’s fiber connection is not affected by traffic and consistently offers wired speeds close to the stated maximum.
  • With the online activities we partake in, including video chatting, transfer of larger media files and usage of multiple devices, upload speed is more important than ever. So it’s important to note that Cox’s “2,000 Mbps” plan refers to the alleged maximum download speed, while the maximum upload speed is an incredibly slow 35 Mbps. Ting offers “symmetrical internet” where our upload speeds are just as fast as our downloads.

Cox continues to roll out new plans with faster claimed download speeds—but ultimately their plans all rely on outdated technology that is not designed for fast data transfer. Ting uses fiber, the internet industry’s future standard. When it comes to currently available plans and consistent real-world speed, Ting is simply the faster option.

Ting is more reliable

Reliability is a crucial factor to consider when choosing an internet provider. Cox's cable-based infrastructure is susceptible to slowdowns during peak hours and vulnerable to weather-related disruptions. Copper cables are prone to physical damage from elements like extreme weather conditions, leading to outages and degraded performance.

In contrast, Ting's fiber-optic network is more resilient to external factors and electrical interference. With underground infrastructure and light-based transmission technology, Ting ensures a stable and consistent internet connection, even in adverse conditions.

Here’s another factor that’s often forgotten. In cold months and during adverse weather, more people are inside, using Wi-Fi on computers and phones. This creates a ton more traffic. And as we’ve learned—more traffic decreases cable internet performance.


Ting offers better value

When it comes to value for money, Ting stands out as the clear winner. From our research, we’ve found that Cox advertises $149.99/month for a 2,000 Mbps connection, while Ting offers the same 2,000 Mbps connection for just $89/month (a $61 discount). On top of that, you’ll need to shell out approximately $20/month for equipment rental. If you're not up for DIY installation, prepare to spend an additional $75 for an installation. And if you opt out of automatic payments, it’ll set you back another $7/month with Cox. It’s a maze of fees and add-ons.

The reality is, Cox's advertised prices are just a fraction of what you'll actually pay, much like their advertised speeds. Spectrum's advertised prices often come with hidden fees and introductory rates that can significantly increase over time. Additionally, equipment rental fees and installation costs can add up quickly, leading to unexpected expenses. 

In comparison, Ting provides transparent pricing with no hidden fees or surprise rate hikes. At Ting, your monthly cost is $89 for the fastest possible speeds we can offer you (up to 2,000 Mbps in select markets). You can pay $11 a month to rent a router from us, or bring your own for free. Add whatever taxes your state requires, and that’s it. With straightforward pricing and no long-term contracts, Ting offers a hassle-free internet experience at a competitive price point. 

Plus, Ting Internet customers can enjoy exclusive perks, like an unlimited mobile plan for just $10/month with nationwide 5G coverage. That means unlimited talk, text and data for only $10 a month, and you can add as many lines as you'd like. With Ting's mobile bundle offer, you can work, play and stream from anywhere at an unbeatable price.

Ting Prioritizes Customer Satisfaction

Ting takes great pride in providing some of the best customer service and support in the industry. Our incredible fiber internet is backed by our 24/7 all-human customer support. We don’t engage in confusion tactics. Instead, we empower our customers to be well-informed internet users who can make the choice that’s right for them. Add our simple billing and fair pricing and you’ve got a whole bunch of happy customers!

We are also dedicated to enriching each and every community that welcomes us. We believe that fiber internet can transform communities while allowing entrepreneurs and small businesses to compete on the world stage. Through sponsorships and charitable donations, we support local institutions and worthy causes.


Experience Superior Internet with Ting

In summary, when comparing Ting Fiber Internet to Cox, Ting emerges as the clear winner. With faster speeds, greater reliability, better value, and superior customer service, Ting offers an unmatched internet experience. Ready to upgrade to Ting fiber internet? Check your address on and join the thousands of satisfied Ting customers today!

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