Live Arts Is Forging Theater and Community in Charlottesville, VA

Live Arts Is Forging Theater and Community in Charlottesville, VA

Read on to find out more about the founding and ongoing legacy of Live Arts community theatre.

‍A thriving arts community needs a spark to keep its light aflame. In Charlottesville, VA, Live Arts—started in 1989 by a group of artists who wanted to build a performance center in the heart of the city—provides that spark. Three decades later, their dream continues. Powered by talented artists, dedicated volunteers and community-minded companies like Ting Internet, Live Arts continues to entertain and inspire.

Unique from the beginning, Live Arts was founded in 1990 by a group of artist friends that each wanted to do different event types, including theater, raves and dance parties. Thirty-three years later, they are now a multi-faceted nonprofit community-powered theater. They offer a year-round education program, a full season of straight plays and musicals, and a summer musical just for teens. As of last year, they’ll also be presenting a new works festival called Waterworks, which Executive Director Anne Hunter explains “will build on a long legacy of and commitment to cultivating new works in the community and elevating local voices.”

“Charlottesville is a wonderful destination for arts. We have amazing theater, visual arts, music. That's one of the reasons that people come to Charlottesville, and it's one of the reasons people stay in Charlottesville.” —Anne Hunter, Executive Director

Hunter also spoke about Live Arts’ partnership with Ting. Noting that great technology is necessary to make live theater, she added that their hundreds of volunteers, staff, board and audience all expect that they will have great internet—internet that Ting has provided. “As a community partner, Ting has been just awesome,” she continued. “They are the sponsor of our Pay What You Can program, which enables anyone from any background to come and see great theater without having finances be an obstacle. It's a program that we've been running for 26 years, and Ting has been involved with it—underwriting it—for the last several years.”

Live Arts is undoubtedly one of those special resources that not only supports but also propels an arts community to greater heights. We’re so proud to be part of the journey and wish them continued success!

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