From radio host to marketing pro: Mario Vaiana’s journey at Ting
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From radio host to marketing pro: Mario Vaiana’s journey at Ting

In this month’s employee spotlight, Mario Vaiana, Marketing Manager at Ting Internet, shares his career journey and the versatile nature of his role.

We interviewed Mario Vaiana, a marketing manager at Ting Internet, to get an inside look at his career journey and the daily responsibilities that come with his role. Here’s a glimpse into Mario’s professional life and his thoughts on the future of the internet, the challenges he’s faced and advice for aspiring marketers.

Can you describe a typical day as a marketing manager at Ting Internet?

A day in my life as a marketing manager at Ting Internet is very versatile, which is one of the things I love about the role. We're responsible for all our go-to-market strategies, bringing in orders, interacting with customers and running events. We help with pretty much anything that falls within marketing, which is something I enjoy. I get to be creative and work on social media, direct mail, event sponsorships and more.

How did you start your career in marketing and get to your current role?

Fun fact—I used to host a radio show in middle school with my best friend on Radio Disney, which sparked my interest in marketing and events. From there, I worked on Radio Disney's street team doing promotional events. I then went to college for a marketing degree and had internships and jobs related to marketing. After college, I worked at an ad agency on media planning for global brands and then moved to Comcast, which led me to the telecom industry and ultimately to Ting.

What challenges have you faced in your career?

One of the biggest challenges was moving from a specialist to a manager role. I was often told I needed management experience to get a management job. To overcome this, I took the initiative by joining the Employee Resource Group at Comcast and creating events to build my management skills. This helped me gain the experience needed for future roles.

What excites you about the future of the internet?

I'm excited about how companies like Ting are working to bring high-quality internet to rural areas. It’s about giving opportunities to people who currently don't have them and thought they never would, which can significantly impact their lives and growth.

What sets Ting apart from other internet providers?

Our exceptional customer service and human-first approach set us apart. Having worked at Comcast, I appreciate how Ting prioritizes customer service. Our customers appreciate our responsiveness and follow-ups, which is rare in the telecom world.

What has been your most memorable event at Ting?

The Greenwood Village lighting ceremony was particularly memorable. It was great to launch in a new town and see pre-order customers, city officials, partners and vendors come together. Everyone was quite excited about Ting servicing the Greenwood Village area.

How do you stay current with emerging technologies and trends in marketing?

I stay updated through social media, LinkedIn, industry newsletters and conversations with friends and industry professionals. Engaging with vendors and partners who attend industry trade shows also helps me stay ahead of the curve.

How do you use technology to connect professionally and personally?

Professionally, LinkedIn is a great resource, and social media helps with marketing strategies and customer interactions. I use social media to stay connected with friends and learn about local events happening within my community. I participate in LGBTQ sports leagues and often see related ads or event notifications on my social media. This keeps me informed about upcoming festivals and events, especially around Pride Month in June. Plus, some of these events are also a good fit for Ting to participate in or sponsor.

Do you have any advice for LGBTQ+ individuals or anyone starting their career, especially in marketing?

Knowledge is power. The more you can learn and try different things in marketing, the better. Gain experience through internships and side projects. For LGBTQ+ individuals, it’s important to be your authentic self. If your workplace doesn’t respect that, it’s not the right place for you. Be true to yourself and focus on your skills.

Do you have a favorite Pride event you go to in Denver?

I probably enjoy the parades the most. It’s great to be outside and see everyone come together. I’ve walked in a few parades, which has always been fun. At the end of the parade, there’s a big festival, which is always a highlight. It starts in the morning, and after the parade, people usually hang out, go to the park, bar hop or just enjoy the day. It’s always a really fun and vibrant day.

And lastly, do you have a career achievement you're particularly proud of?

One of my biggest achievements at Ting was turning around the Centennial Market’s performance. In my first quarter, I exceeded our order goals, maintaining that momentum for three quarters. Another proud moment was planning Comcast’s first-ever Pride performance during COVID-19, which received great feedback and support from employees.

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