ROSIES brings on-the-job-learning to those with diverse abilities

ROSIES brings on-the-job-learning to those with diverse abilities

ROSIES is a nonprofit organization founded by Lee Chernotsky and Jeffrey Sobrato to create solutions through social enterprise and on-the-job learning.

The initial purpose of the Friends of Ting program was to enable the public to experience Ting Internet before committing to the service. Over time, the program has transformed to extend access to individuals and support non-profit organizations and community groups. This evolution allows Ting Internet to be an active community collaborator, contributing to the missions of local non-profits in our areas.

A brief overview of ROSIES Foundation, as expressed in their own words: "ROSIES employs the term diverse abilities™ to foster an inclusive and positive approach to collaborating with colleagues, including those with disabilities. Our emphasis is on ability, recognizing the expertise, experience, insight, potential, and unique perspective that each person can bring to the role they are hired to perform."

Co-founded by Jeffrey Sobrato and Lee Chemotsky, the Foundation has a straightforward mission: to create employment and learning opportunities for individuals living with disabilities. Sobrato and Chemotsky's philanthropic vision has resulted in meaningful work and involvement for people with diverse abilities. Together, they have reimagined the traditional "short bus," currently being transformed into an accessible podcast and content design lab in the heart of the Culver City Arts District. The repurposed "short bus" will also feature an interactive ice cream truck element, offering a diverse selection of frozen treats from partners such as The Bigg Chill, Bibi’s Warmstone Bakery, Enjoyer, and an expanding menu of others.

ROSIES is actively expanding its presence within the Culver City Arts District and beyond, fostering additional apprenticeships and collaborations with colleagues across various industries. Building and sustaining enduring relationships are key outcomes of the ROSIES crew experience. The program places a focus on cultivating on-the-job skills related to decision-making and effective communication within a growing network of creatives and problem solvers.

We eagerly anticipate the collaborative initiatives ahead. Join us in extending a warm welcome to ROSIES as they become part of the Ting family!


Lee Chernotsky: Organizations like ours need to exist, both to support the apprentices with their on-the-job learning, but even more importantly to promote working with diverse abilities. To be able to work in partnership with incredible companies at every level of organizations. 

ROSIES is a nonprofit organization that was founded by myself and Jeffrey Sobrato to create the solutions we all need with our collective diverse abilities. We do this through social enterprise and on-the-job learning.

We operate two core programs here at ROSIES. One is called HiREd or “Higher Ed,” depending on your perspective. This is accessible continuing education. We provide on-the-job training for apprentices through our social enterprise.

The other core program, POP! By ROSIES, is where we get to work with incredible community partners like The Shay hotel and Ting.

A student at ROSIES being shown something on a computer monitor.
Photograph by Teren'e Chambers

That's kind of our formula for POP! When we get three people or organizations together, it kind of takes some of that pressure off of one person just helping another. It should be a crew. People should be collaborating, working together. And when you can build a powerful crew who's driven by purpose, and the opportunity can make financial sense, why aren't we doing these things? The need is always going to be there, so let's work together to get the people that are looking for work and the people that are looking to hire.

We're that middle ground. That's why organizations like this are so important to connect people with the right opportunities for everyone involved. And I'm very grateful to get to spend my time here at ROSIES building relationships, both with our crew and the creative community that includes being Friends of Ting, which connects us to the world and helps us really grow our impact and our mission. 

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