A Hole-in-One Conversation with Ting Installer Evan Mickelson
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A Hole-in-One Conversation with Ting Installer Evan Mickelson

Part seven in our series where we get to know our Ting teams. Meet Evan Mickelson from California.

While they love our reliable, lightning-fast fiber internet, Ting customers will tell you that a big part of their great experience is our dedication to customer service and support. There’s a very simple explanation for this: We hire great people. Ting employees are knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. They’re also interesting as heck! Here’s a chance to get to know one of our amazing local team members. We’re internet that gets you.

To start with, could you please tell us your name and your role with Ting?

My name is Evan Mickelson, and I’m an installer with Ting in Solana Beach and Encinitas.

What is your favorite part of your role in your town?

Helping our gracious customers. I go a little extra for them—maybe helping them hook up a couple devices. If I'm not under a time crunch, I enjoy troubleshooting and figuring things out. Also I get to learn more!

So can you tell us about what a regular work day with Ting is like for you?

Yep! So every morning, I drive to the office, and I look at my route for the day. I load up on equipment—all the routers, modems, ONTs (optical network terminals), etc. I make sure all my gear is charged, and then I go out into the field. Usually, I have about four jobs a day. That takes all day—jobs can take anywhere from 30 minutes to over two hours.

So sometimes you could be working late, and sometimes you can be done with time to spare.

Exactly. You never know what you’re going to get. It keeps you on your toes.

How do you feel about Ting as an employer?

Really good. When I just started, [other employees were telling me] I'm going to end up working here forever. Good benefits and vacation—I've been pretty happy to work here. Plus there's opportunity for growth. It feels like I’m cared about.

Glad to hear! Next question: Why is reliable internet access important to you?

Well, I rely on the internet for almost everything. I end up learning so much by reading on the internet. It’s how I get directions, recipes and TV shows. You also get inspiration for things you want to do. And it makes getting work done and communicating with people much easier.

Do you play any video games?

I do! I play NBA 2K…I love that game.

It's so realistic!

I remember when my 90-year-old grandpa was watching and asked, “Oh, you’ve got the game on?” I said “Yep! And watch—LeBron James is going to shoot from half court for no reason.” I was controlling him, of course, but [my grandpa] had no idea.

So have you been streaming any good shows lately?

No, I rarely watch shows. But I do go down YouTube rabbit holes. I watch cooking and a lot of golf stuff. I fall asleep to golf every night. It’s soothing, [partly because of] Jim Nance's voice!

It is really sleep inducing. Do you play golf video games?

Yeah, I do actually a little bit!

Cool. What's a good local place to go and get coffee or food from?

Lofty Coffee is really good. Better Buzz is also really good coffee. I get a lot of 99-cent fish tacos at El Pueblo.

You guys are so lucky with all your taco options.

Yeah, [I have] Mexican food probably four or five times a week.

Awesome! Do you stream music?

I stream Spotify constantly.

Do you have a favorite song or artist that you've been going back to lately?

Leon Bridges! I really like him.

That's your favorite right now? What's his music like?

Very soulful. It’s really very old school. You would probably know one of his songs: River by Leon Bridges

It does sound very old school. Do you find new artists through Spotify through streaming?

Yeah! I'll probably find one or two new artists a year that I start to get into.

Okay, there are only three more questions, and they’re all easy! If you were going to go out for an ice cream, what flavor would you get?

Graham Central Station from this place called Handel’s or…Cali Cream, I think it's called now.

So it's like Graham Crackers…sort of like s’mores?

Yeah, it's so good. It's the best ice cream. Then, right next to it, they have the Cali Cream Bakery where you can order a Danish or a brownie or a fresh baked cookie…[if you want] to really get dirty.

If you want to really go hard.


What do you love about living in your town?

The sunshine, the ocean, the little community here. It’s just a nice, slow-paced little surfer town. And the vibes are great here.

That sounds really sweet. And then the last question for you: What does a night out look like for you? Or night out celebrating—where would you go?

Well, for my birthday, we went and played golf, then went to my favorite taco place. After that, we got my favorite churros—handmade churros, like, right in front of you.

Oh my god.

They're just the best thing ever.

Is it the same one where you get your lunch?

It’s not the 99-cent fish taco place. It’s called the Taco Stand and they have the best salsas, the best tacos and by far the best churros that I've ever had. [And I’m a] big churro connoisseur!

Okay, Evan, that's all of our questions. Thank you so much for agreeing to do this.

You're welcome. Bye!

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