Pre-order Ting Internet for great perks
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Pre-order Ting Internet for great perks

While we build out our network, you have the option to pre-order Ting Internet. Here’s why it’s worth it and how it helps you save.

As we build out our networks, we offer residents the option to pre-order Ting Internet. You may be asking “why?” and so we’re here to explain the various benefits you’ll receive by placing your pre-order for Ting’s award winning fiber internet service.

Why should I pre-order Ting Internet?

Customers who pre-order Ting Internet get first-in-line access to installs. Customer service will prioritize scheduling your home or business as soon as service is available at your address. You’ll also receive early construction updates, keeping you informed of how close we are to bringing light-speed fiber internet to your home. When you pre-order, you’ll also get perks that save you money. Along with a free standard installation, you’ll also get one month of free service!


When making the (excellent) decision to pre-order Ting Internet, some towns require a $9 pre-order fee. Understandably, you may be wondering what that fee is for. To put it simply, the nine dollars facilitates the extra perks that you receive when you preorder Ting Internet.

It’s also important to note that this $9 “fee,” if requested, is actually a deposit. As soon as your order goes through, the same amount is credited to your account and will be taken off of your first bill. It’s also fully refundable, should you change your mind. So if you end up deciding to move or you simply want to go in another direction, just let us know and that $9 will be quickly refunded!

To learn more about the perks you receive when you preorder, check out this video that explains what you get when you preorder Ting Internet.



Check your address

Wish lightning-fast Ting Internet was in your town? As we expand, we’re always looking out for areas that have expressed a real desire for community-minded, service-driven, better internet. Reach out to us, we’d love to hear from you!

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