Where to find the best streaming fireplace video
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Where to find the best streaming fireplace video

Want all of the sights, sounds and coziness of a fireplace with none of the hazard? Check out these options for your holiday streaming fireplace video.

There's nothing quite as comforting and mood-setting during the holidays as a crackling fire. However, we're not all lucky enough to have a working fireplace. Luckily, we live in 2020, so the idea of a virtual fireplace is commonplace (don't be jealous, 1968, it's unbecoming). Now, the problem becomes choosing the best one. Have no fear, your friends at Ting are here. These are the best streaming fireplace video loops out there.


A search for "Christmas fireplace" or even just "fireplace" will net you a slew of options on YouTube. If you're feeling festive, this one goes all-in on the holiday motif. Got a 4K big screen? Here's an Ultra HD fireplace video so realistic you can almost smell it. And if you need a little company, here's an absolutely ridiculous video of Nick Offerman staring at you while drinking whiskey next to a crackling fire.


Oh, you didn't know? Netflix outclasses cable in the virtual fireplace department as well. Here's a 4K Birchwood fireplace to throw on instead of rewatching Tiger King for the nth time.

Amazon Prime

It doesn't have as wide a selection as Netflix, but Prime gives users that high-definition coziness they're craving with Fireplace 4K: Classic Edition.

Mobile/Smart TV apps

Much like YouTube, app stores are littered with fireplace video options, and much like YouTube, some of them are really, really bad. Check out this rundown of some of the better ones from How-To Geek.

Stingray Naturescape Fireplace

Those who haven't cut the cord yet will be more familiar with Stingray and its many specialized cable channels. However, if you subscribe to one of the streaming services that carries Naturescape (e.g Tubi, Pluto TV), it's a virtual fireplace winner. It offers a variety of scenes both with and without music so there's something for everyone.

Fiber internet is 🔥

With fast, reliable fiber internet from Ting Internet, you can stream fireplaces on every screen in the house all winter long and still have bandwidth left to do all the other internet stuff you need to do... all without worrying about your data cap because we don't do those. See if Ting Internet is available in your neighborhood.

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