Streaming is now America’s favorite way to rent a movie

VHS tapes were once the most popular way to rent a movie, and then it became DVDs. Now, the way people are getting their movies has once again changed.


America loves streaming movies

Movie rentals have long been a favorite American pastime. Whether a warm summer night or a cold winter day, a rented movie has been the way many people choose to relax. VHS tapes were once the most popular way to rent a movie, and then it became DVDs. Now, the way people are getting their movies has once again changed; streaming has become the number one way people rent movies today. Amazon has long been a leader in digital movie rentals. Now, they are not only leading the market for streaming movies, but they are also dominating all movie rental services — even Redbox. According to Digitalsmiths, a TiVo-owned research company, their second-quarter 2016 survey showed Amazon video is now the number one service people use to rent movies in the United States. Not only are they the number one movie rental service in America, but they also rent more movies than iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu combined. Amazon Video TV

The numbers

Here are rental numbers for the top rental services: Amazon Video: 16.3% RedBox Kiosks: 15% iTunes: 8.3% Google Play: 5.6% YouTube Movies: 2.5% Vudu: 2.1% CinemaNow: 1.3% Flixster: 0.9% Other: 1.9% According to the survey 46.9% of people who rent movies spend, on average, between $1 and $8 a month on movie rentals. This move to streaming of movies, and even TV shows, will likely see the downfall of DVDs. According to the Wall Street Journal “ Sales of DVDs and Blu-ray discs meanwhile plummeted 12%” in 2015, this followed an 11% drop in 2014. Even some popular shows like The Simpsons have announced they will no longer release DVDs of their new seasons. Simpsons

The future

Soon, many movies will no longer be available on DVD. Streaming will be the only way to access some of your favorite shows and movies. Leading the way in this movement is the new Star Trek show, coming out in January of 2017, which will only air on the new CBS All Access streaming service.

The need for speed

As the entertainment world goes digital it is essential you have the speed you need to stream the content you want. When it comes to cord cutting, slow speed causes unnecessary buffering and extended load times. Different services have different speed requirements for streaming. Since Netflix is by far the most popular service out there, let’s look at its requirements. Here are Netflix officially listed minimum speed requirements: 0.5 Megabits per second – Bare minimum required to connect 1.5 Megabits per second – Minimum reliable connection to stream anything 3.0 Megabits per second – Minimum reliable connection for SD quality 5.0 Megabits per second – Minimum reliable connection for HD quality 25 Megabits per second – Minimum reliable connection for Ultra HD quality However, these numbers are just for one stream. What if you want more? What about requirements for gaming, mobile devices, and laptops? What speed do you really need to make sure you do not get left behind in this move to digital entertainment? Check out our full guide to getting the right streaming speed for your needs. The world of TV and movies is rapidly changing. We do not know what movies and TV shows will look like in 10 years but we are confident that streaming, not DVDs, will likely be the method you use to watch them.

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