What can gigabit Internet do for your city?

A panel of Internet thinkers and do-ers come together to discuss all the ways that dedicated, gigabit fiber Internet can benefit a town or city.

[youtube id="Xp6AyxoMiaY" show-related="] Ting Internet has been proudly sponsoring Charlottesville's Tom Tom Founders Festival since we first arrived in town. This year, our CEO Elliot Noss, was invited to speak on a panel discussing what fiber Internet can do for a city. Joining him is Mayor Andy Berke of Chattanooga, the city to watch for how the best Internet access improves cities; Sheila Dugan of GovEx at Johns Hopkins University and Aimee Meacham of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration. The panel discussion was moderated by Deb Socia of Next Century Cities. It's a lively discussion that covers everything from public/private partnerships to over-the-air Internet. Apologies for the audio quality. This panel discussion took place in a room where a loud air conditioner was competing for everyone's attention. We eliminated the noise as much as we could. This was not our first time speaking with Deb Socia. Check out our interview with her from two years ago at the fiber lighting ceremony in Westminster, MD.

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