The importance of gigabit internet infrastructure
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The importance of gigabit internet infrastructure

Unlock the power of gigabit internet infrastructure. Discover how it fuels innovation, enhances everyday activities, and promotes digital inclusion.

A light-speed internet connection brings up a world of possibilities. Whether it’s online school, remote work or just connecting with your loved ones, having a reliable internet connection has truly become an essential quality-of-life amenity. At Ting Internet, our core belief lies in digital inclusion and how it is essential in ensuring that no parts of our community are excluded from the benefits provided by gigabit internet infrastructure. 

What is gigabit internet?

Gigabit internet is ideal if you plan to share your connection with your family as you are guaranteed faster load times without any buffering, delays or lags. Ting fiber internet offers gigabit speeds and is built on a fiber network, ensuring you get symmetrical speeds—which means your upload speed will be as fast as your download speed.

Why gigabit internet infrastructure matters

Let’s look at how close we are to achieving a national gigabit internet infrastructure. Most houses in the United States with internet access have had the option of a gigabit internet plan through their internet service provider from as early as 2019. In fact, 88% of homes in 40 states in both urban and rural communities with internet access can opt for gigabit internet speeds. This means fast and reliable internet access has never been more powerful or prevalent than it is now. 

Gigabit speeds better support everyday activities like 4K streaming and online gaming, as well as meet the demands of emerging technology such as virtual and augmented reality applications. A gigabit internet infrastructure also makes it easier for businesses to thrive and expand, making them more competitive in what is now a global economy. It allows us to expand beyond limits and work toward building smart cities.

And while not everyone may need gigabit speeds today, it's critical to stay on par or even ahead of innovation. In fact, fiber is one of the few (if not the only) technologies considered “future proof” due to its massive untapped potential. Especially with things like telehealth, remote work options, e-learning and even VR headsets becoming a norm, a robust and lightning-fast internet connection is all the more essential to bring tomorrow’s technology to today. 

Ting’s gigabit internet infrastructure

Gigabit internet infrastructure is the future. It gives advancing technology room to grow and helps towns grow along with it. At Ting, we’re committed to bringing fiber networks to communities across the United States. Presently, we operate in seventeen towns and are working hard to bring fiber to five more neighborhoods. Want gigabit speeds for all your internet needs? See if Ting Internet is available in your town.

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