NFL RedZone: Never miss a fantasy football streaming moment
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NFL RedZone: Never miss a fantasy football streaming moment

Get all of your fantasy football streaming needs fulfilled with NFL RedZone, which shows every team when they're in scoring position.

There's nothing worse than missing a must-see touchdown during the big game, and with football season nearly here, you can be sure that those touchdowns are on their way. But how can you catch every single big moment, especially when there are multiple games on at once? The answer is NFL RedZone.

What is NFL RedZone?

RedZone takes its name from the space between the 10-yard line and the end zone. Teams that have made it to these 10 yards are "in the red zone."

Every football fan, particularly if they play fantasy football, wants to see those heart-pounding moments that might result in points or a heroic goal-line stand. However, most people can only watch one game at a time: the one that's playing in their market. If you have DirecTV, you can access any game being played at that time through its Sunday Ticket, but that still doesn't tell you exactly when teams are in scoring position so you can watch every touchdown every time.

Fortunately, NFL RedZone does just that. From 1pm to 8pm ET on Sundays during the regular season, RedZone whips around to any game where a team is in scoring position, sometimes displaying as many as eight game feeds at a time with the awe-inspiring "Octobox." Host Scott Hanson offers his analysis of every scoring opportunity, whether it ends in a touchdown or a field goal from the four yard-line.

With RedZone, you're practically guaranteed to never miss a touchdown, which makes it a must-have for fantasy football streaming.

For people running their league, keeping track of stats via RedZone is far easier than cobbling together what you can from various gameday websites. Even if you're merely participating in a fantasy football league, you can see exactly how all of your players are doing when it matters most, for optimum group chat trash talk.

RedZone is also great for football families, especially if there are divided loyalties in the house. Constant excitement for an entire afternoon will keep everyone happy, regardless of which team they're rooting for.

How can I subscribe to NFL RedZone?

You can subscribe to RedZone through just about any cable provider, but there's good news for those who have upgraded to streaming TV — you just have to subscribe to one of the following live streaming TV providers to get access:

For most of these services, you'll have the option to add on a sports-themed package for $11, and that package will include NFL RedZone.

Live streaming TV services can be great for people without cable, but just as TV over an antenna could cut out in ancient days if you were using a not-so-great antenna, if your internet service isn't up to snuff, you could be dealing with choppy motion, or worse: a frozen screen in the middle of a momentum-changing play.

If you're looking for Sundays full of constant NFL scoring action, you're going to want an internet connection you can rely on — preferably a fiber connection. With Ting's fiber internet, you can catch every goal-line stand live in smooth, clear high definition.

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