There's strength in connection

A blog post about our CONNECTION promotion.

Connection. It’s an essential part of human existence. Sometimes we can take it for granted. In the past couple years, our ability to do this in person has been limited like never before. We’ve been reminded that there are few things more important than being able to connect with others — and to be available for others to connect with us. For better connections, you can rely on Ting Internet. And if you join Ting now using the promo code CONNECTION, you can upgrade for less thanks to free standard installation, a free router and a little gift from us.


No matter what you use the Internet for most, a fast and reliable fiber connection from Ting can maximize your online experience. We’ve all relied on video calling more than ever as the next best thing to being with our friends and family. Well, once the person you’re calling also has great internet like Ting, you can expect crystal-clear communication. And let’s not even pretend that Netflix, Spotify and other streaming services didn’t become indispensable over the past couple years. With Ting, you can stream media in ultrahigh definition without buffering or unexpected decreases in quality. Got a gamer in the house? Even if they’re fans of data-hungry games like Destiny 2 or Overwatch, Ting can handle it without breaking a sweat.

Ting Internet can also improve your connection to your work, school and home life. For those of us working from home part or full time, we need a connection fast enough for seamless video meetings and rapid file transfers. Service interruptions are also a no-no. Ting ticks both of these boxes. For the same reasons, our fiber internet is perfect for online learning. And let’s not leave out the home itself. Whether you’ve got a single Alexa unit or the most intricate multi-device setup, Ting Internet helps make your smart home smarter.

Or perhaps you spend your time online shopping. Keeping up to date on the news. Scrolling social media. Whatever your go-to activity is, we’ve got you. Because we know that there’s strength in connection. Make that connection stronger with Ting.

Join Ting now and we’ll waive your standard installation fee. We’ll also give you a free router and a $75 gift card. Sign up at tinginternet.com/connection with the code CONNECTION.


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