Descriptions of everyday internet users: Which type are you?
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Descriptions of everyday internet users: Which type are you?

Are you totally techy or somewhat suspicious of tech? These descriptions of everyday internet users can help you figure out which type you are.

Everybody uses the internet, but not everybody has the same relationship with it. There are many different kinds of internet users out there across the U.S. Some people are online all the time, while others might not even notice if their smartphone's battery was running dangerously low. How about you? Are you plugged in all the time, not so sure about technology or maybe somewhere in between?

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After determining which type of internet user you are, read on to learn more about your archetype and how different categories of people use the internet.

Totally techy

You're all-in on technology. Your home is smart, your TV is smart and your thermostat is smart. If there's another smart device about to hit the market, you probably already know all there is to know about it and what it can do. You may even be strategizing about how and when to welcome this shiny new tech toy into your personal universe of connected gadgets. You might already work from home, in which case you're probably grinning with recognition to see how many other people have recently become fans of this lifestyle. Friends and family have you on speed dial as their personal tech support expert, and they always come to you first when their devices stop working.

It goes without saying that, as a cutting-edge user, you need an internet connection that can keep up with your heavy usage. You already know that faster and more reliable connectivity is a must, so you understand the value of fiber internet with speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps. Next time a neighbor thinks of bringing fiber internet into their home, you'll likely be the first person they'll ask for the scoop on why it's the best choice.

Super savvy

You're on top of the latest technology, and you've welcomed a lot of it into your life. You probably have a smart home assistant or two, and chances are good that you have a smart TV. Everyone in your household uses a connected device of some sort, whether they're streaming the latest blockbuster movie or gaming like a pro. While you might not think about all the ways you use the internet often, you'd definitely notice if your access was flaky or slow.

You need dependable, zippy internet connectivity that grows with you and gives you the flexibility to live your best digital life. Fast, reliable fiber internet does exactly that, giving you and everyone you live with the freedom to binge-watch and game to their heart’s content without encountering that dreaded “buffering…” message.

Somewhat suspicious

Although you would agree that technology has made your life easier, you sometimes keep it at arm's length. You regularly check your email, and you love a good social media meme as much as the next person, but you probably wouldn't be too distressed if you accidentally left your smartphone at home. Technology has a place in your life, but tech's not the center of it.

You likely don't spend a lot of time thinking about how your internet connection makes everyday tasks and activities more convenient, and that's fine! Your network access is supposed to be out of sight, out of mind. Fiber fits the bill, giving you the dependable, speedy internet connectivity you need, whether you're streaming TV on your mobile device or video chatting with loved ones.

You might be a robot

Bleep bloop, you're a robot! Can you pass a CAPTCHA test and prove you're a human? If the answer's yes, and you've still got the flesh and blood to prove it, then you've at least imagined what it would be like to become one with the machine. If AI ever assumes control of the planet, you, for one, will be ready to welcome our robot overlords. Internet connectivity is basically as important as oxygen to you. That's why fast, reliable fiber internet is a must-have for you.

Know which type of internet user you are

Now that you've read these descriptions of everyday internet users, have you determined which one matches you best? Are you totally techy, always excited to get your hands on the most cutting edge technology? Or are you super savvy, already enjoying your smart home devices and making the most of them? Maybe you're somewhat suspicious and not sure whether you want tech to be at the center of your life.

Whichever one of these categories of internet users within the U.S. describes you best, know that you're not alone and that however you relate to technology, there's a reliable fiber internet solution, like Ting, to meet your needs.

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